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Rebrandings ain’t cheap.

Who says being a dick doesn’t pay?  Steve Patterson gets nearly $3 million in his severance package from Texas.

The money’s probably coming out of the athletic department’s travel budget, since UT won’t be needing it for Dubai now.


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Eh, what does he know?

Mark Stoops wants you to know he’s got Georgia sussed this week.

Imagine the surprise he’s in for when Georgia pulls off Nick Robinson’s redshirt.



As I said on Monday, it’s Ramsey Time.  He’s this week’s third-stringer, after all.

I wonder if he can start at quarterback and still punt.



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“But it’s over with, nothing I can do about it. It’s over with.”

This is both painful to read and a microcosm of the season.  Sigh.


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Clash of the Titans

Feel the momentum heading towards Saturday…

Georgia needs a win and needs one badly, but Kentucky (4-4) is coming to Athens with hopes of taking another step toward bowl eligibility after three-straight losses. Both teams are 1-3 in their last four games.

It’s a tsunami, I tells ‘ya!  Ruuun!!

More and more, this season is taking on the flavor of the Goff years.  They just gotta get buttah.


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Our Long national nightmare is just beginning.

The selection committee spewed forth its first set of rankings last night.  The nation yawned as the committee’s master gave itself a major woody fawning over a bunch of ultimately irrelevant information.  So, I guess you’d have to say from the perspective of those running college football, it was a huge success.

Man, it’s gonna be a long two months.


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Stats that make you go, “dayum”.

How bad an October was it for Georgia’s offense? Welp,

Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty brutal.

In fact, in the case of the last of those three listed, I’d say it’s off the charts.  Georgia is the only team in the country that didn’t score a touchdown in the red zone during the entire month.  For comparison sake, here’s the number of red zone TDs Georgia scored in its previous seven Octobers:

  • 2014:  10
  • 2013:  9
  • 2012:  4
  • 2011:  8
  • 2010:  17
  • 2009:  6
  • 2008:  8

You read that correctly.  Even in 2013, in an October in which Aaron Murray wound up with no one to give the ball to on offense, Georgia somehow managed to find the goal line from the red zone nine times.

By the way, you should also consider that in some of those years, like 2012, Georgia only played three October games.  This season, there were four.

This offense is dysfunctional in a way we’ve never seen before under Richt.  Sure, personnel has changed to some extent, but not that much.  You can probably guess which way my finger points.


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Play what you mean.

No doubt it’s a fun week of preparation.

While players attempt to block out the outside noise, outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins acknowledged it’s tough to think about his coaches fighting for their jobs.

“If we don’t finish strong, one of the coaches might be fired. It might be a clean sweep like some of the other schools are doing,” Jenkins said. “Something like that is detrimental to the program. When you fire a whole staff, when you fire a coach, it sets back everything that was in motion. I’ve always thought badly about staffs that did that and fans that wanted that.”

Yes, but… it starts with the fans wanting more than they’re seeing on the field.  At some point, a calm, measured approach begins to feel more like whistling in the dark than keeping things under control.

Richt is under considerable pressure to fix what’s taken place over the past month. However, he hasn’t let it show to his team. Having been under fire before, Richt has approached the recent, and more intense, criticism as a part of the job.

“He’s still his cool, calm, collected self,” tight end Jeb Blazevich said. “He’s been doing it way too long, in the hot seat, too many years to be worried about it. He knows where we stand with him. We love coach Richt and we’re all behind him 100 percent. We’re not too worried about it and it doesn’t seem like he is either.”

It’s nice that you’ve got Richt’s back, guys.  But if you really want to help the cause, it might be time to step it up and show it on the field this Saturday.  Just sayin’.


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The ol’ reliable

Forget it, Jake.  It’s Athens.

Georgia linebacker Natrez Patrick was booked by the Athens-Clarke County police at 2:23 a.m. on Wednesday morning for misdemeanor possession of marijuana according to the official bookings of the ACC jail. Fellow freshman and defensive lineman Chauncey Rivers was also booked by ACC on the same charge just 21 minutes later at 2:44 a.m. Both are still listed as in custody at this time.

It’s good to see there are always some things you can count on.


UPDATE:   Yadda, yadda, yadda“and I’m extremely disappointed.”


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