Happy Fourth of July, peeps.

Remember, information, like Americans, yearns to be free.


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10 responses to “Happy Fourth of July, peeps.

  1. HVL Dawg

    Mark P Shelfer graduated from Harvard in 1949. Who have they beat?

    Harvard isn’t going to win a national championship anytime soon.


  2. I'm right, you're wrong

    Happy 4th. I would argue America was a much better, in almost every since of the word, country prior to Lundon Johnson and FOIA.



    Happy 4th senator! Even with all of our problems this IS the best country on earth!,


  4. 80dawg

    I guess I do not always think of UGA Football as the government even though it is. FOIA has shined a light on how those in government record, communicate, decide, act. Even to the point that they now have their delicate discussions in live unrecorded phone calls or private servers. The private server option is no longer an option. As important as FOIA is to keeping our goverment in check- especially in the deminished state of the Fourth Ward (press)- I just cant get worked up over our football team keeping secrets from me.
    I get the importance of FOIA and if you suggested that the State of Ga’s allowance of 90 days for release was expanded into more critical issues within our government, you would get my attention.


  5. ClydeBoogie

    Same to you Sir! The half a hog will be done in half hour will have everything ready by 4pm come on by and sit a spell. Got some real Shine from old uncle Tank to get the party started or ended lol.


  6. Nashville West

    The LBJ presidency is such a volitile mixture of triumph and tradegy. I can’t imagine either H.Clinton or Trump signing FOIA. Happy 4th to all Dawgs everywhere.