Analytics and Trent Thompson

From Pro Football Focus’ top 10 true sophomores list:

8. Trenton Thompson, DT, Georgia

+11.3 overall; No. 63 among returning FBS defensive interior linemen

Thompson only played 264 snaps in 2015 due to a lingering ankle injury but he had some dominant performances as a run defender when he was healthy. Thompson had 20 tackles, four assists and a +10.5 run grade. His 11.5 run stop percentage ranks No. 5 among returning FBS defensive tackles. As a pass rusher Thompson had one sack, one hit, 3 hurries and a +0.1 pass rush grade. Thompson should have a very productive 2016 as a run stopper and could emerge as one of the better defensive tackles in the country if he can improve his pass rush ability.

The timing of the injury last year was frustrating, as you began to sense he was starting to come into his own; he was clearly as talented, if not more so, than any other defensive lineman Georgia played in 2015.  Let’s hope he can stay on the field all season.  That d-line’s gonna need all the help it can get.


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8 responses to “Analytics and Trent Thompson

  1. More health and power to Mr. Trent.


  2. Lrgk9

    A truly talented and good kid.


  3. Macallanlover

    Given the position he plays, he might be “the” number one indicator for UGA’s success in 2016. Looks like the guy who must perform at a high level in the first half of the season, at least. We might get some help out of the incoming guys later in the year but TT needs to stay healthy and motivated to be a force for the Dawgs in 2016 for us to achieve anything of note.

    Seemed like a good man last year, the injuries were unfortunate, but he needs to get nastier with the attitude and toughen up that baby fat he brought to Athens with him. Something tells me he will be making some positive headlines this year. If he does, we could make Atlanta a realistic possibility.


  4. Trent was on his way to a Freshman All-America season until his injury which nagged at him the rest of the season. He came back and played well in the bowl game. As others have said, I hope he has shed the baby fat for muscle. He has the potential to be a dominant defensive lineman the next couple of seasons. Also, he seems to be a good kid on top of all of that. As Cojones so well stated, a good southwest Georgia Dawg.