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Finally, some bulletin board material

Courtesy of North Carolina’s head coach…

Kirby ought to be pounding that one in every damned day until his defense is sick and tired of hearing it.



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Evil Richt hasn’t made the transition to Coral Gables yet.

‘Cause if he had, you know Evil Richt would have made mention of playing Georgia Tech on Mark Richt Field at Bobby Dodd Stadium.


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Bravado from the Flats

Big talk from a coach whose team is coming off a 3-8 season.


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Today, in mixing politics and sports

Ladies and gentlemen, the governor of Texas.

I wonder how the presidents of the conference’s schools in Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas and West Virginia will take that considerate advice.


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Whoever Georgia’s quarterback in the opener will be…

Pro Football Focus takes a look at what he’ll be facing in North Carolina’s secondary.

North Carolina played press-man regularly last season. The Tar Heels often combined the aggressive approach on the perimeter with a single high safety, piling pressure on the corners to hold up on an island. Defensive coordinator Gene Chizik could only free up safeties to play in the box because of the quality he had at his disposal in the secondary.

That is not the kind of scheme that Lambert excelled against last season.  Or the offensive line, for that matter.


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“He’d be the first football coach suspended under new penalties.”

Congratulations on being a true pioneer, Coach Freeze.


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Make the play fake great again!

One thing I do wonder about with Richt’s departure is whether one of the patented great calls in his offensive arsenal, the complete play action sell out, will stay in the playbook.  Here’s an example of it pulled off by Aaron Murray against Ole Miss a few years ago.

Man, when it works, it’s a thing of beauty, ain’t it?


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Thursday morning buffet

Fire up the chafing dishes!


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