“It’s very eventful.”

Close counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and Georgia football games.

Nearly all of Georgia’s games this year have been close, more so than any other team in the Southeastern Conference and more so than any Georgia team in the last decade…

After their first 10 games in 2016, Georgia’s median outcome margin, whether it’s a win or a loss, is only 4.5 points. The other 13 schools in the SEC have a typical margin of at least a touchdown, with the games of teams such as Alabama and Arkansas typically being decided by at least 20 points.

Youthful inexperience combined with an early sense of overconfidence after the win in the opener is how you get some of that.  A new staff figuring its way contributed to that, too.

The good thing is that you have to think playing in a bunch of pressure cooker games builds resiliency.  The not-so-good thing is that this is still very much a legitimate concern this week.



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9 responses to ““It’s very eventful.”

  1. Spike

    Close also counts in atomic weapons.. FIFY..:)


  2. Q

    Hope we don’t lose our black jersey privileges


  3. Dolly Llama

    I’m worried about ULL. I could very well see us losing this thing and then turning around and beating Tech.


  4. Rocket Dawg

    This is the mark of a young team and a young coach who are learning how to win (which sounds bizarre considering Kirby came from the winningest program in the SEC over the last 8 years). The only game where I feel like we have been completely overmatched was the Ole Miss game. We ran into a pissed off, talented team, playing at home after two heartbreaking losses to good football teams where they had a big lead. They would have beaten Alabama on that day as well. The UT game should have been a win and was snatched from our hands by a poor kickoff, poor kickoff coverage, a stupid penalty, and poor positioning of our tallest player (who probably shouldn’t have even been out there) on the last play. If we get into a similar situation going forward I don’t see us making the same mistakes. The Vandy loss is simply inexcusable and again the result of poor special teams play and a very poor play call/execution at the end of the game. Statistically we dominated that game and should have won 31-3 or 24-10 at worst. I don’t feel like we had a good game plan going into the UF game so I blame that one on the coaches.

    Some seasons you get the breaks and some seasons you don’t. If we knock down that ball against UT and play just a little better defense at the end and beat Vandy we are going to Atlanta in 3 weeks and probably finishing the regular season 10-2.

    I have not been the biggest Kirby supporter so far this year and I have certainly criticized Cheney and his play calling so this is a major concession from me. As the Senator said earlier in the week one game does not a coaching career make but the way our defense completely dominated Auburn and the emergence of Wims and Ridley as big body, go-to type receivers along with Eason taking care of the football (no picks in 4 games!) gives me a much rosier view of the future. Unfortunately I still think the O-line will be an issue next year as well since we don’t seem to have any quality depth there to step up next year.


    • Otto

      I and many others wanted a team that showed up every game, and they have played in the big games but it could be argued that they have at times played down to their competition. The UT game was a team that did not have maturity to act like they had been there before, the ball does need to be knocked down if UGA does not give them field position off penalties.

      Ole Miss, yes UGA was out matched, and they were motivated, bluntly yes they beat majority of the SEC on that given day. Further it was early in the season and UGA has improved greatly.

      Agreed O-line will not be dominant next year but hopefully steady improvement. OL especially takes time to build. I just hope to win a few more close games.


    • Brandon

      Tennessee – I thought the same thing, then watched Kentucky throw a hail mary into the endzone at the end of the 1st half and guess who went up over a crowd of receivers and other defenders and just snatched the ball out of the air? Maybe 15’s (forgot the kids name) just a hail mary catching specialist


  5. steve

    Clearly, the winning % of all games is the most important long-term measure. However, beating Auburn in Athens is more than a consolation prize. Who doesn’t need an endorphin-releasing memory in May, June or July? Beating Auburn is more than just an ink mark in the W-L column. Auburn is the physical embodiment of the concept of nastiness. The ‘Good versus Evil’ theme is played out every year. Flying eagles and big video screens are just cosmetics covering permanent pockmarks that are the result of decades of infection. Auburn is still happy being the bottom paper in a stack of carbon-copied instruction outlines. The message just somehow can’t be read on that bottom paper so they fill in the blanks and make up the instructions. The end result? Nastiness.
    Auburn…born with a 34 A and now have a botched 36 DD with eroding silicon and lumpy, scarred surface. And the only image that looks good in the mirror is the one Auburn sees.


  6. Russ

    Take out the Ole Miss fiasco and it’s really close.