Gettin’ their best shot

Vince Dooley couldn’t have po’ mouthed this any better:

Asked whether he expected some young backup players to get some action on Saturday, Georgia coach Kirby Smart bristled.

“That would be a disrespect, a disservice, to the University of Louisiana-Lafayette,” he said. “We’re concerned about playing our best and having our best game. Not only did they play on Thursday night (vs. Georgia Southern), so they’ve had more time to game plan, but they’ve also watched an offense, Auburn, that’s very similar to theirs. They get to watch and see what worked and what didn’t, and do something. We’re certainly concerned with them. I’m not concerned with getting the extra playing time in for the guys.”

I bet they’ve got a killer long snappah, too.

Me, I’d just keep reminding the players about the Nicholls game until they got sick and tired of hearing about it.



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26 responses to “Gettin’ their best shot

  1. Russ

    Kirby’s right. I don’t think he’s poor mouthing, and I can’t imagine the players would possibly overlook anyone this season. Just point to Nicholls and Vandy.

    I’d love to see a 30 point smack down, but I fear those days are for another season.


  2. The other Doug

    If the word “Nicholls” doesn’t get them focused, then we are gonna need a new process.


  3. Spike

    Play some walk on players.


  4. Saltwater Dawg

    We are going up against a top 10 FBS rushing defense.

    I can already hear the BM gears turning. We are going to run 2TE/FB set the whole game, and pound up the middle. Forget the perimeter and the passing game, we need to establish our identity. 8 guys on the line and all 12 in the box – and we will pound off guard for the 16 straight time.

    “It’s a trap!”


  5. DawgPhan

    yeah not sure that this team or coaching staff has earned the right to poor mouth any one after some of the performances this year.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    When Vince was poor-mouthing he was bullshitting most of the time. Kirby is not.

    Remember when being eligible for a minor bowl was something we turned up our collective noses at?


  7. Go Dawgs!

    I don’t know what else they’ve got, but they’ve got an LSU quarterback and if they’re running something similar to Auburn’s offense then our guys had better wake up early on Saturday.


  8. AusDawg85

    If Kirby is stockpiling his bench and still sending his #process message, I wouldn’t think he’ll go too deep into the roster regardless of the score.


  9. gastr1

    I’ll seriously take it as a sign of progress if we blow them out.


  10. I think about this thread in two ways.

    First, ULL is a mediocre mid major with enough size and athleticism that suggests we are unlikely to have a repeat of 2012 FAU where we had our way on practically every single play. As some have pointed out, they run the ball and defend the run well enough that they are not going to get gashed nor completely stoned on offense. Their QB, despite is SEC experience, is only slightly above average in efficiency nationally, despite playing a mid major schedule. He has not thrown with great accuracy, and has thrown nearly as many INTs as TDs. On defense, they are a bit weaker against the pass. Add it all up, and you can sense where this game plan is likely to shake out.

    Offensively, spread them out, and air it out. Defensively, my guess is we play them fairly straight up, with occasional blitzing to try to create negative yardage plays.

    The second thing relates to the notion that what occurred with Nichols and Vandy is somehow relevant here. Kirby’s message is that preparation stays the same. His expectations for practice, hustle and effort are always the same regardless of opponent. Ultimately, he wants guys who NOT ONLY have the desire to compete every week but are also willing to do what it takes to prepare to compete. Certainly, there is room for a bit more emotional energy in our biggest ball games, but there is also a standard to which he expects our team to play that does NOT CHANGE regardless of the opponent.

    I firmly believe the reason we kept running against Nichols was his desire to prove a point to the team, whose approach in the week of practice was lacking. We could have passed the ball and built a huge lead without really competing on the line of scrimmage, but the message about playing physical would have been lost (we had no choice but to abandon the run against Mizzou a week later). The INT and muffed punt return put the game in peril in a way that I don’t think he expected. We can debate whether or not he made the right decision, but I think the larger point is that this team has progressed a LOT in terms of effort, hustle, and concentration.

    Vandy was NOT a failure of effort per se. We massively out gained them and were undone by 10 points given to them by special teams. Jacob missed seeing Stanley for a TD, and we wasted other red zone opportunities. Further, our last play call was probably one that made sense on paper, but should have gone to Sony/Nick. thus, I don’t really think of Vandy as effort. The effort against UF was outstanding as well. The OL and gameplan were simply overwhelmed by UF’s defense.

    I am not certain what will happen tomorrow. My confidence in our effort may prove to be foolish, but I think the signs are there for us to take another step forward. I don’t expect dominance, but I am hopeful for consistency (mitigate some of the Offensive penalties) with a bit more explosiveness on both sides of the ball due to our talent advantage. If we get that and don’t screw up special teams, I think we control the game.


  11. 69Dawg

    Well before we OD on Kool-Aid just remember this team has not scored an offense TD in a while. We have allowed anybody who could get in the Red Zone to score, usually a TD. If the team has the same opinion that a lot of you on this board have about ULL we will find ourselves trying to explain another slim victory or out right loss. What is the best measure of a defense? In the old days it was how they played in the Red Zone. What was the best measure of an offense? How they scored TD’s in the Red Zone. This team has not shown me anything on either side of the ball that would make me feel confident that they will “Blow” anybody out. Oh yes, the special teams, except for “Wild Thing”, are still the weakest link. I hope I am surprised tomorrow.


  12. Macallanlover

    I think this will be a tough game for us and cannot even understand any discussion about taking them lightly. Based on what? Can we win with an 80% probability? Sounds about tight, but at least a 1 in 5 chance we could lose, and only a small possibility we could win by the 23 points we are predicted to. They will be another tough run match up for us, and their QB is the kind we have issues with. We should win, ugly as usual, but it is surprisingly to see anyone feel we are an overpowering team. Don’t be shocked if this isn’t decided until late.


  13. Speaking of emptying the bench, I’ve been wondering why we knocked the redshirt off of Holyfield when near as I can remember he played one series in one game.