The latest in fake juice

McCaffrey and Fournette not playing in their teams’ respective bowl games got you down?  No worries, mon, the pundit class is riding to the rescue.

Andy Staples is all oh, hells, yeah! about this.

This is simple and brilliant. In fact, it is so simple and brilliant that it’s difficult to imagine the schools—who traditionally like to create as much red tape as possible—passing an NCAA rule that would allow redshirting players to play in their team’s bowl game without losing a year of eligibility. But it would be excellent.

Imagine Ohio State putting in a package for freshman quarterback Dwayne Haskins, who instead will spend the run-up to the Fiesta Bowl mimicking Clemson’s Deshaun Watson on the scout team. Imagine Alabama beefing up its linebacker depth following the injury to Shaun Dion Hamilton with Ben Davis, who probably would have played this year if not for a preseason ankle injury.

This would be even more helpful to teams farther down the bowl pecking order. Because of the stakes, coaches in the playoff aren’t as likely to toss in redshirting players who have yet to appear in a game. But for coaches outside the playoff, where bowl practice is basically a head start on spring practice, the concept could be a godsend.

Um… Alabama doesn’t have enough of an advantage in the playoffs with the roster Saban’s already got?  He needs more help?

This rule tweak has little downside, and it’s difficult to imagine who would oppose it. Coaches would love it because their rosters are depleted by injury at this point in the season. Fresh bodies would help their teams. Redshirting players would love it because redshirt years can feel like interminable slogs. They’d be more attentive in meetings and at practice down the stretch in October and November if they knew their good habits could result in playing time in late December or early January. Fans would love it because they’d get a sneak peek at the future. Even if their team had a disappointing season and wound up in a lackluster bowl, they’d be much more interested in the bowl game if they thought there was a possibility of seeing a new star rise.

Amazing that in one breath we can complain about some players ditching their teammates after putting in a long season of work together and then in the next get all excited about the possibility of allowing coaches to bench some of those very same players we’re (supposedly) concerned about to give others who haven’t taken a snap in anger all year the opportunity to strut their stuff.  Instant gratification is the flavor of the day.

This is why we don’t deserve nice things any more.



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16 responses to “The latest in fake juice

  1. I like the idea of redshirt players being eligible for a bowl game with the exception of the playoff games. MLB has the September call-up, but those guys don’t get a roster spot for the playoffs. I think the playoff games should be played under the same rules as the regular season.


  2. Biggen

    I think if you decide to skip your bowl game for anything other than an injury you should be publicly ridiculed. This includes coaches as well.


  3. UGA85

    Didn’t CMR and CKS both come out against players skipping bowl games? I appreciate their perspective.


  4. Otto

    I would like to see red shirts available to play in all bowl games except for the playoffs.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. Yes, some players are going to skip the bowls to prep for the nfl/combine/draft. But there’s also the injuries piled up over a just-completed season. I see no reason why the redshirts shouldn’t be given a shot. And hey, it’s the holidays.


      • Otto

        I have not been a fan of the red shirt rules. A kid may play a few games and another kid gets healthy and is benched, so many scenarios where a kid for whatever reason has a year burned with little to show for it.


  5. We could just adopt the process nationally and thereby rid ourselves of eligibility terms. If you’re good enough to go pro after three or even five years, fine. If you’re not good enough, the process will deal with you in due time.


  6. 3rdandGrantham

    I just posted or commented about this a few days ago. From what I’ve heard, the NCAA plans on passing this rule (allowing RS to play in bowl games) this off-season.

    It’s in the works, and it’s about time.


  7. 69Dawg

    Well lets see, the coaches don’t like the players leaving early, the AD’s don’t like the players leaving early, the media for the most part don’t like it, ESPN hates it and the alums don’t like it. Who is for it, the other players on the team. The only ones that aren’t getting anything out of the bowl game except a bag of swag. In another 5 years there will be wholesale defections. Times they are a changing.


  8. AusDawg85

    Do away with the redshirt rules altogether. You can establish academic progress minimums and allow up to 6 years to be eligible. This would really help kids and teams with injury issues. Teams like Bama would continue to have a depth advantage but letting weaker opponents have access to using all 85 players to take on Bama would seem to help balance that out to a situation no worse than now.