Next year is next year.

Judging from this comment about who will play at offensive left tackle against TCU, Kirby Smart’s done finished with future player development for 2016:

“I think right now we just got Isaiah there because Tyler missed practice back home,” Smart said. “But Tyler’s cleared, and we expect him to play. How we’ll start them, I don’t think we’ve decided yet. We plan to rotate those two guys.”

Smart said it’s not unusual for Wynn to work with the first team at left tackle, which is something he has done throughout the year at practice. Smart noted it would be “a little different” if Wynn starts against the Horned Frogs.

Smart also added that any decision wouldn’t be made with the 2017 season in mind.

“We’re not looking at it from the perspective of next year,” Smart said. “We’re looking at it at now, the best chance to win this game from a health standpoint. He gets those reps all the time. We do it in the game with a change-up from a conditional standpoint.”

It sounds like he’s motivated to get that eighth win.  Now if that attitude just trickles over to his players…



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19 responses to “Next year is next year.

  1. AthensHomerDawg

    I started the season betting 9-3 and a nice bowl.
    I feel like 7-6 fits now. There’s always next season. BUT 2018 is gonna be the year. Or 2019….. :•|


  2. Russ

    I’m glad to hear it. Eight wins is better than seven.


  3. Bright Idea

    Catalina gives us the best chance to win now? And we wonder why we’re 7-5.


    • PTC DAWG

      I am convinced the kid gave us all he had….time to lay off, IMHO.


      • Bright Idea

        Not blaming him. I too believe he gave us all he had but he nor the program should ever have been in such a position. Same with Lambert in 15.


        • Jeff Sanchez

          I’m still skeptical that he was the “best option” , and that CKS played him trying to prove a point…


          • MGW

            You don’t expose your freshman stud QB’s blindside just to make a point. I’d love to believe there was someone better already in Athens, but an FCS midsummer transfer tackle was the best we had on the team.


          • lakedawg

            No way he was best option , Wynn was better in every way than Catalina, course that might have forced playing one of the redshirted in relief.


  4. doofusdawg

    The losses to Vandy and Teck clearly burned more first year coaching capital than Kirby ever imagined in his 2016 throw away season. Very curious to see how he and his coordinators react. Do they open things up with confidence and creativity or do they try to grind out a ball control ugly win at any cost. I’m betting on the wild dawg… hope I’m wrong.


    • MGW

      No telling. But I would think a first year head coach with a very young team should benefit from the extra bowl prep time more than most.


    • fbaker

      “burned more first year coaching capital than Kirby ever imagined” really? I don’t think so. 7-5 is above the norm for first year coaches. I expect another close game, but a loss at the end like the other 3 close losses. I hope I am wrong about that.


  5. Austen

    Perhaps Chubb and Michel will have a big game, but UGA fans need to remember the 7-5 team they’ve watched all year is the one taking the field this week. Teams kind of need the actual off season to begin to set a new tone for the next year.


  6. fbaker

    While KSmart don’t want to lose the bowl, this 1 game isn’t as important as recruiting and getting his guys ready ion these extra practices for next year. Unlike CMR, I don’t worry about KSmart blowing a next season over a bowl game, it’\s 1 game, no one cares.