When alma maters collide

Man, I hate when this happens.

Although I have to admit it was the’79 meeting between the two in Athens that rekindled my love for college football after wandering in the wilderness for several years before.


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31 responses to “When alma maters collide

  1. Greg

    31 – 0….Was living in Richmond at the time, it was tough…but not too bad, they did not rub it in the way some do. Then along comes Herschel the following year. It made me forget about ’79.


  2. HVL Dawg

    Thomas Jefferson was the worst AD in the history of college football.


  3. Jim

    I too have degrees from both schools. And I will take great pleasure in the dogs putting a whipping on the cavs


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    You mean 1979, the year Vince Dooley was ACC Coach of the Year? As my beloved, a Demon Deacon, likes to remind me, the year we were defeated by Mackovic’s Meatballs.


  5. Dawg93

    I was at that game as well. I was NINE.


  6. Fat Elvis

    ya’ll be nice to the boys from Albemarle Cnty. Maybe they will bring us a few of those cheese crocks from the Aberdeen Barn!


  7. Athens Dog

    Assume we lose a home game?


  8. Otto

    Having spent some time at an ACC school and their win over UGA in a bowl, they have the most obnoxious fans I have experienced. Yes I have been to the WLOCP, GT, UT, Aub, all home and in their stadium. I have been to to Tiger Bowl in both stadium, and the Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa wearing orange in 2010. Beat those Ivy League wannabes.


  9. CB

    I dread the day that my football Alma Mater Shorter University plays Georgia where I ultimately finished my degrees. That will likely be quite some time considering Shorter won zero games in division II this season, and then proceeded to promote the head football coach to AD. #FacePalm

    On a separate note, I wonder who Greyson Lambert will be rooting for since he was named the starter and then subsequently benched at both schools.


  10. 81Dog

    Senator, you know I am a big fan, but I will tell you that I was once an admirer of ACC basketball……until I got to law school, and met some of my classmates who had matriculated at ACC schools. This doesn’t apply to all of them (really, not any of the guys in your class but maybe one), but some of the die hard ACC fans I met in law school (and this was back when ACC football was a bad joke, which made losing to Wake and UVA all the worse in 79) made me hope no ACC school ever won another game in any sport, ever. 79 was a weird, and in many ways, unpleasant year, but our Easter gift in the spring allowed the 80 season to make it all better.


  11. Bulldog Joe

    Funny, I have to admit it was the ’79 meeting between the two in Athens that killed my love for college football (until it was resurrected on the following Easter sunday).


  12. AusDawg85

    Well, hell. There goes 15 – 0!


  13. Got to see royalty at the game. That in no way helped 31-0.


  14. DawgPhan

    Sucks that we have to wait until 2020 to play in the new dome.


  15. JCDAWG83

    That UVA game was homecoming my freshman year, everything about that game sucked. Pat Collins, a linebacker at Georgia then, told me at O’Malley’s one night that was the worst beating Georgia ever took while he played. He said “we could have played them all week and never scored”.

    UVA should get a lot of good exposure to Georgia high school players with that game. How stupid are we to schedule these games?


  16. NCDawg

    The Peach Bowl was a classic. Being back in Atlanta vs UVA brings back memories…of The beanie cows flying as well as the game.


  17. Mark

    I was 12 and was at the Wake debacle in the opener. I’d waited all summer and was crushed. Woerner had a pick six early and after that we couldn’t stop a back named Kevin McDougal. Dad spared us from the UVa game by making me stay home and rake leaves. Dooley was always smart. He hired Bestwick as soon as UVa let him go.


  18. Where do I put $1000 for the Dawgs to win and cover? Our 2017 Freshman class come then? Good by UVA.