Updating the Urban Dictionary

Clemsoning is dead.

Long live Georgiaing?


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  1. Macallanlover

    I have never understood the use of this, or any similar term, what team doesn’t face this at all? Bama did this earlier in the week (and last year against Ole Miss), ohio did this the week before, and Clemson did it not only against Pitt, they were really unresponsive against NCST. In other word, what team doesn’t under perform against expectations once or more a year?

    Clemson deserves that no more, and no less, than almost all other teams as falling below fanatical people is inevitable almost once a year, usually more. I think the variations of the term be retired, it is just which team will get called out more during a particular season. I doubt Clemson, or UGA, would win this “award” many years. There is almost always a team (s) that begin the year highly rated (T 10-12) that falls all the way out of the year end Top 25, perhaps they get the biggest disappointment award. But, is that more a function of how bad pre-season polls are?

    Maybe it should be for the most naive fan base, the ones who think they going to win it all year after year, or who believes their team will never have a bad day, or catch a hot opponent. Fanatical behavior is where the term originates, and it is more about the fans’ behavior, not the team’s performance. I expected/set the bar for UGA at 9-3 or 8-4 this past year, I over estimated their ability to achieve, but they don’t deserve a label for that. I expected Clemson to go undefeated if they got past FSU, should they get the tag Clemsoning for Pitt and NCST? Does that get washed away because Bama couldn’t run the clock out with 3 minutes to go because their feature back had broken his leg earlier in the game? Bury the term and crown the “biggest loser” of each season.


    • Mayor

      If UT’s hail Mary at the end of the UT-UGA game isn’t answered your preseason pick for the Dawgs would have been spot on, Mac.


      • Macallanlover

        What Hail Mary? That must be totally blocked from my memory bank. Last thing I remember was the ref signaling TD for the Dawgs and see there was almost zero time left on the clock. Our guys weren’t even out celebrating with their teammates and was already into full celebration mode myself.

        I will say I didn’t see us losing, or winning, in such ugly fashion Mayor. Twas a tuff season to watch, onto better in 2017.


  2. RCBRick

    Luckily our team name ends with a vowel.


  3. Bright Idea

    Clemsoning was created by SC fans and other Clemson rivals who were either struggling themselves or afraid that Clemson was gaining ground. Even during SC’s success against Clemson SC fans were overjoyed at every Tiger loss. Kind of like Tech fans with UGA forever and UGA fans after Tech beats us 2 out of 3. It is a normal part of college football.


  4. Argondawg

    …….and that’s how we got Kirby.


  5. Got Cowdog?

    The lexicon needs “snarkasm”.