Mining for gold

Recruiting the South these days reminds me of the old line attributed to Willie Sutton about why he robbed banks.  Every major school comes down this way because that’s where the studs are.


Which makes Kirby Smart’s largely successful effort to close down the in state borders

The primary reason Georgia has fared so well in this cycle is its dominance within state lines. Only a couple of weeks removed from watching Peach State high school legend Deshaun Watson lead a different program to a national championship, the Bulldogs are putting the finishing touches on a class that includes 16 of the top 26 prospects in Georgia. With rival programs in the Southeast (including Alabama) eager to make inroads into the state, it’s unreasonable to expect Smart to nab every target close by, but Georgia’s 2017 class bespeaks its local appeal and portends future success in one of the most fertile recruiting grounds in the country.

… both necessary and impressive.



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9 responses to “Mining for gold

  1. Atticus

    I would be interested in seeing the % of all-pros in the NFL from what states too.


  2. St. Johns Dawg

    I’m becoming more convinced the real talent in recruiting isn’t just bringing in the numbers … It’s finding “clutch” players and developing them. Richt brought in plenty of good and some great players. Just didn’t see enough boys who could deliver in the big-time moments. Remains to be seen if Kirby’s bunch this year has some “clutch” in their veins.


  3. Heyberto

    There’s something to be said for the UGA brand as a recruiting tool In state. I imagine it’s less strong around Atlanta, perhaps, but rural Georgia has a lot of kids growing up UGA fans.

    Even still, wasn’t it Deshaun Watson that said UGA could’ve been the front runner if they had come after him?

    I’m not saying That made it easy for Kirby, but I think it’s helped.


  4. Hodgie

    Senator, what exactly does this map illustrate? I know it is about recruiting but what specifically? Thanks


  5. Sanford222view

    2017 looks great but thus far the 2018 class is a different story with five of the top ten already committed out of state. Kirby and staff have some work to do this next cycle.


  6. Mayor

    Do you think that, just maybe, the real reason why all the 5 Star recruits are on the East Coast, West Coast, Midwest and Deep South is because that is where the rating services go to look at talent and they don’t even bother to journey to places like Laramie, Missoula and Topeka? Just sayin.’