Today, in never mind

It’ll tell you where my head’s at that at first glance I thought this Marc Weiszer header question was directed at what we think of McGarity’s track record when it comes to evaluating head coaches.

Reading further and discovering it was about the basketball program, I started to feel silly about my mental leap, until I realized that a majority of the fan base doesn’t care much about either issue.


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13 responses to “Today, in never mind


    Sad watching the SEC teams last night winning…while we do nothing under Fox.


  2. Argondawg

    The more sad part is that it looks like South Carolina is more competitive than we are in a lot of higher viewed sports. Baseball, both men and women’s basketball just to name the most obvious. I still can’t wrap my head around BMs thinking. I know reserve fund but watching everyone else win is getting pretty damn old. Especially when it’s a school without our resources.

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    • McTyre

      … and in state whose prep hoops and baseball talent pales in comparison to Ga’s. These are the reasons why performance relative to key intangibles make our programs even
      Morse than their mediocre-to-awful position in the standings.


  3. Athens Dog

    Butts Mehre will use as excuse to keep fox. “We are so close”.

    Just a damn joke.


  4. dawgfan

    I too am sick of only only winning the “Reserve Fund” championship each year. We have been reduced to claiming moral victories in basketball and we can’t even claim those in baseball. It’s been eleven years since any meaningful championship in football! With the amount of talent and resources in this state, how can our athletic department and administrators be so incompetent? Oh, I forgot, it’s about the Reserve Fund. Never mind.


    • gastr1

      Moral victories in basketball is not a reduction, that’s our calling card in that sport. But otherwise, yeah.


  5. When you aren’t willing to be bold, you get mediocre. Let’s keep hiring mid-major head coaches or the hot assistant in the sports that matter. Eventually it will work out. Right?


    • Russ

      If it ever does work out, you can be sure the coach will be quickly hired away by another program that wants to win and will pay for it. Just like Tubby.


      • This is the reason I hope Kirby is successful because I want to see the AD and the athletic apparatus get its feet held to the fire by Jimmy Sexton if Alabama ever came to call.


  6. Aladawg

    We care, but the AD and administration don’t. Fire McGoofy today. Morehead needs to be on the watch/danger list if he doesn’t get engaged.


  7. Spike

    And run Striklin off while they are at it.


  8. 92 grad

    Kirby better start kicking some SEC ass.


  9. As one of the “minority” that cares deeply about our Basketball program – Last night was rough. I was both simultaneously happy for SC fans – long sufferers of a bad basketball program – and insanely jealous at the same time. Florida again being in the national spotlight for basketball was the tipping point though. I think my basketball spirit was finally broken, as I shed the blinders and finally realized, that will never be us as long as BM continues to operate as it does now.