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“He talked to us about making some changes to the offense.”

Big Jim has plans, people.

Clearly, Georgia’s offense needs to do something different this season, and offensive coordinator Jim Chaney is setting out to do that.

Chaney, who a month earlier had talked about trying to “freshen” the offense, outlined what exactly that meant to his offensive players on Monday. That seems to include more run-pass options and freedom for the quarterback to audible plays.

Senior tight end Jeb Blazevich summed up his understanding of it on Tuesday, before the team hit the field for its first spring practice:

“I think we’re going to try to implement a lot more RPOs, we’re going to try to implement a lot more things where it’s not just (like), Here’s a play, hope it works. But (instead) here’s a few options we can call. We can call an audible off this look or that look, and putting that in the quarterback’s hands, and then in our hands to learn it, and communicate what needs to be changed.”

Unleash the hounds!  But what does it all mean, exactly?

Michel was asked his understanding for how different it would make Georgia’s offense look this fall: Is it still a pro-style offense, or is it being opened up?

“I’m not sure,” Michel said. “We’ll probably know who we are throughout some of these practices this spring. I’m sure if we make major changes it won’t be perfect at the beginning. It’s going to take time, it’s going to take this team to come together and really understand that we’ve got to go out there and physically make it work.”

Unsure in April is one thing.  If they’re still saying that six months from now, we’ve got problems.



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Message to Ken

Georgia’s spring media guide, handed out on Tuesday’s first day of practice, lists a dozen “Bulldogs to watch.” Second on the list, in alphabetical order, is Rodrigo Blankenship.

Despite everything, Blankenship is still here, ready to begin spring practice as Georgia’s kicker. Where things go from here, however, remain muddled.

Rodrigo’s our kicker this spring,” Smart said. “We’re going to have competition, just like we’re going to have competition at a lot of spots.”

“This spring” = “for now”.  I don’t think I’d start spending those tuition savings just yet, dad.  Or demand another meeting with the head dude.


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Name that caption, last hurrah edition

Kirby Smart “addresses” the Rocker dismissal by not addressing it (“With Rocker, that a personnel issue which I’ve chosen to keep in-house…”), but at least it gives us the chance to view one last Rocker picture to remember him by.


There are a host of directions you can take with that shot. Have at it in the comments.


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“It’s still Roll Tide.”

Alabama commit explains Alabama commitment.

“Alabama is very straight with you,” Davis said. “It’s straight football. I mean, I don’t want to go nowhere else where the basketball team is good, too. I want to go somewhere where it’s straight football, strictly football. And when you get down there, it’s straight business. Even the fans, you go to the restroom and the fans are talking about how the football team is. I really like the business part of it.”

See?  There’s your problem in a nutshell, Dawg fans.  ‘Bama folks talk about the football team in the bathroom.  We’re too wrapped up in the crappy state of our crappers to focus on the football team when we hit the head.  Selfish bastids…


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The pack thins.

One less quarterback in spring practice

Parker McLeod, who joined the team last year as a walk-on, is not listed on Georgia’s updated roster. McLeod signed with Alabama out of high school, then left the team and surfaced eventually at Georgia as a normal student, joining the team last year.

Sam Vaughn, a junior, is now the lone walk-on quarterback on the roster. The team is due to add another one this fall when Stetson Bennett IV arrives.

Man, if a defensive player even looks at either Eason or Fromm the wrong way this spring, it’s stadium steps the next morning.


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Everybody needs a little Dawg Porn in their lives.

And Ed Aschoff is bringing it today.  How does this grab you?

In a year in which there will be a presumed talent increase in the SEC, one young QB could stand above the rest as the one who poses the biggest threat to Alabama’s conference dominance.

Jacob Eason.

Lawdie, mama.

Before you head off to take that cold shower, there’s more.

“He has the arm strength to make all the throws you’re going to ask him to do in any offense,” one SEC defensive coordinator told ESPN.

Put that cigarette pack down.  He’s not done yet.

“I don’t know what everybody else has seen, but what I saw was a guy who can make all the throws, who just needed some seasoning and some forgiveness in a conference that’s really unforgiving,” Vanderbilt head coach Derek Mason said.

Mason, who watched Eason throw for a career-high 346 yards against his defense, thinks Eason will have more mastery over the offense this season, and believes offensive coordinator Jim Chaney will play to his strengths, which include letting his passes rip down the field…

“I truly think his best football is in front of him,” Mason said.

Okay, you can get outta here now.  Whew!


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What he likes about you

So, how good is Georgia’s 2017 class?  This good, according to Paul Myerberg:

1. A nearly unmatched recruiting class. Georgia has long recruited at an elite level — but not at this level. Smart’s first full recruiting class was a consensus top-five group, according to every major recruiting service, and will achieve two ends: one, greatly increase Georgia’s depth on both sides of the ball, and two, continue the process of providing Smart with pieces that fit his particular philosophies. This class alone likely won’t vault Georgia to the top of the SEC in 2017; it’ll take time to reach Alabama’s level, for example. But the East Division? This class alone might make Georgia the favorite.

Even with the talent infusion, there is a caveat, of course.

The offensive line. Here’s the Bulldogs’ potential weak link, as was the case in 2016: an offensive line that must take a drastic step forward in nearly every phase, from protecting the quarterback through opening lanes on the ground. though February’s recruiting class included several prospects with immense potential, it’s not a workable solution to rely on true freshmen to plug the gaps on the two-deep. Instead, the Bulldogs will be heavily reliant on their returning personnel to simply improve — a possibility, but it doesn’t necessarily inspire confidence.

But this is an optimistic summary.

— let’s consider the bottom line: Georgia will have the ability to balance its impressive signing class with an unexpected level of senior leadership. As much as the influx of talent and Eason’s projected growth into an all-conference contender, that a number of upperclassmen have bought into Smart’s blueprint is perhaps the most positive factor to consider entering his second spring with the Bulldogs.

Add to that a soft schedule and a weak division and you’ve got to admit there’s an opportunity for that potential to succeed.


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Shaqin’ up

Look who’s footloose and fancy free again.

Louisville senior cornerback Shaq Wiggins announced on Twitter Monday afternoon that he is transferring from the Cardinals, who begin spring practice on Tuesday.

Wiggins has earned his bachelor’s degree and presumably will be eligible to play right away at a new school next season.

“I would like to thank the University of Louisville for allowing me to be apart of such a great University and football program, but I have decided to part ways and transfer else where. I am very thankful and blessed for all opportunities but this decision is for me and my family,” Wiggins posted in a series of tweets.

So where might the grass be greener for Mr. Wiggins?

A former transfer from the University of Georgia, Wiggins was close with former U of L defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, who left for the same position at Mississippi State. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Bulldogs become an option for him now if they have a scholarship available.

No, it wouldn’t.  We all know Grantham loves experienced DBs and Wiggins would sure fit the bill in that department.  If it happens, Mississippi State’s trip to Athens gets a little more interesting than it already is.


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