Happy talk quote of the day…

… comes from Jeb Blazevich, who notes something I’m sure we’ve never ever heard a Georgia player say about his teammates.  Ever.

“I think the culture of leadership is the thing that we’ve changed,” Blazevich said. “Everybody’s holding everybody accountable.”

I tells ‘ya, this year is really gonna be different.



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12 responses to “Happy talk quote of the day…

  1. Dawgflan

    Spring Practice… The Lucy to Georgia Football’s Charlie Brown.


  2. Normaltown Mike

    Just wait, next we hear that Jacob has become a “vocal leader” in the huddle, while the O-line has a “quiet confidence” about what they are doing this year.


  3. St. Johns Dawg

    I doubt there’s ever been a championship college football team that did not have true leaders on the field. UGA is no exception (Pollack, Jarvis, Thomas Davis, Greg Blue, Murray, etc.) When you have bell cows who not only hold their teammates accountable AND make plays in a timely manner themselves, quality rises. I just think we’ve had too few on-the-field leaders in the past 10 years. Hope the “change in system” coupled with better players/leaders on the field is what transforms this program. It ain’t coaching alone.


  4. Confucius

    well, the good news is the strength and conditioning program is really paying off this year


  5. Brandon

    Strength and Conditioning program at never before seen levels, coaching continuity, the Process, our much maligned o-line ripping through our veteran D, now this??? My oh my! Where’s the title game this year??? I better go ahead and book my flight!


  6. Something we heard from during just about every single Richt off-season.



  7. W Cobb Dawg

    So what’s the over/under on the number of receptions and TDs for Blazevich in 2017? Does he do better or worse with something like 14 and 3?


  8. JT

    Once again UGA wins the spring football Nat’l championship they should raise a banner 2017 spring football SEC and National Champs


  9. Cojones

    We won’t have accountability until Eason has a string attached to every O-lineman’s privates that he can snatch when he says “Hike”.


  10. I Agree. This Year Is Truly Going To Be Different. Go For It.


  11. Dave

    Blame the loser who asked him whatever sorry-ass question preceded that comment.

    Pretty sure Jeb doesn’t call around to various news outlets with a hot quote he’s got to get disseminated. I could be wrong.