A landmark moment in Alabama football

We may never see this again in our lifetimes.

I’m guessing some hapless staffer’s ass is grass.



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9 responses to “A landmark moment in Alabama football

  1. Storylines are tough this time of year


  2. merk

    So what I guess the Coke bottle Analyst position at Bama might be open now


  3. TnDawg

    He got the label oriented correctly.


  4. ApalachDawg

    It’s all part of the process.
    That was done as a sign for the bama bagman to up the amount of the most recent 5 star’s contract – I mean offer…


  5. Rusty

    Bear Bryant never touched the Golden Flake Potato Chips on his show. Think he might of took a swig from the coke every now and then.


  6. Hobdody Spradlin

    That’s the Coke bottle from ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’.


  7. Saxondawg

    Coke bottle being processed, transferring to South Alabama.

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  8. I highly doubt that anyone but Saban puts that Coke bottle on the podium. Given it’s perfect label placement, I doubt that the former Coca-Cola route driver trusts anyone else to handle this task.


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