Proof that the world isn’t ending soon

Notre Dame and the ACC announced they’ve scheduled future games through the 2037 season.

Guess I’ll sleep easier tonight.


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16 responses to “Proof that the world isn’t ending soon

  1. Nate Dawg

    If u glance at a ND schedule, it’s usually better than decent. So is this their way of scheduling cup cakes..? Hehe.. Wudnt that piss off sissy ACC fans..? Haha..


    • PTC DAWG

      Actually, I think they are toughening up their schedule…not as much of a steady diet of Big 10 teams.


      • Nate Dawg

        Yeah but when u keep mich st, add in USC & Stanford…I mean they didn’t run from the Cardinal once they got good…
        Of course now an 80s rival in Miami is ACC but still..


  2. Mayor

    This ND playing 5 ACC schools a year business without actually being a member of the ACC smells. If the universities of the ACC had any balls they would demand that ND join the conference or quit letting ND use them like this.


    • Bulldog Joe

      They’ll consider it, right after the top-contributing alumni re-sell their blocks of tickets on StubHub. 😉

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    • Macallanlover

      I don’t like it either Mayor, but the other NCAA programs have allowed them to bully their way for many, many years. ACC cannot put enough pressure on them alone. Expanding to eight teams in the playoffs, with a spot guaranteed to each Power 5 champ, and one to the highest rated of the Gtoup of 5 teams would cut the number of at-large spots to two. That might be an incentive but the other programs have to realize CFB would be just fine without the arrogant Domers so stop catering to them. They are treated as royalty but haven’t really been that significant in decades.


  3. MGW

    Glad to see ND really sticking to their guns as far as keeping up historical rivalries. Not.


  4. Mayor

    If the Power 5 reorganized into 4 super conferences with a minimum of 16 teams each and changed the playoff so that the 4 conference championship games were the first round of the playoffs, that would make ND get into a conference. That also would prevent the number of playoff teams expansion problem that basketball experienced happening to football.


    • Macallanlover

      Absolutely, and I have always felt this is where CFB should go, not so much because of this relatively minor point, but it would bring this particular issue to a boil. I get that ND can bring eyes to a Music City Bowl, Weedeater Bowl, etc., that no other ream can bring, but what does that really matter? Enough to get on your knees and be afraid like the “leaders” have done all these years? I don’t see it. Plus, I think they are bluffing, they would not go the GT route and ruin their chances to be involved, they would capitulate.

      The real difference from ND and other programs is the “non CFB fan” they bring from the Northeast who wouldn’t watch the playoff bowls if ND were not in it but would watch Notre Dame play Bowling Green in the regular season IF they strolled into the pub, and it was on. Then they would ask, “who are we playing today?” I don’t think you let “that guy” determine how you run your business. The passionate ND fan is like all others and will watch the big games played all year long, not just ND.


  5. Faulkner

    My parents who are not ND alumnus watch every game. One is Catholic and the other Presbyterian. They are in their 80’s and watch/record every game. I grew up a ND fan but having moved to Atlanta when I was 13 switched my allegiance to the Dawgs. I’m not a UGA graduate but went to a school with no football team (Emory). I still like ND and I know that puts me at odds with most dawg fans. I also agree they have been overhyped for 2 decades. As long as people will pay for the product they will still keep serving it up (NBC). Isn’t that the BM plan anyway?