I would have committed sexual assault, but then I got high.

Huntley Johnson’s already done a lot of heavy lifting in support of his client, Florida wide receiver Antonio Callaway.

Callaway’s attorney, Huntley Johnson, also has been critical of the university’s actions. He previously accused UF of allowing a Title IX official to serve as the “prosecutor, the investigator, the judge” in the case. Johnson also alleged that the Florida official, Chris Loschiavo, had a conflict of interest because he did consulting work for an outside group with ties to Clune.

The university fired Loschiavo and determined he had “both a conflict of interest and lack of independence.” Two other university officials, dean of students Jen Day Shaw and general counsel Jamie Lewis Keith, have recently left, too.

“The removal of those three people has completely changed the dynamic,” Johnson said, “and we are cautiously optimistic that Florida’s going to do better in that regard in the future.”

We’re about to find out, boss.

The University of Florida is under federal Title IX investigation for its handling of a December 2015 sexual assault accusation against star receiver Antonio Callaway, the complainant’s attorney confirmed.

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is looking into a complaint filed by Callaway’s accuser, her attorney John Clune said Friday.

The complaint was filed Aug. 10, according to a letter to the university obtained by the Tampa Bay Times. That’s five days after UF held a student-conduct hearing on the case and two days before Callaway was found not responsible by the university for any wrongdoing. Clune and his client boycotted the hearing because the outside lawyer chosen to preside over the case was a Gators booster and member of the school’s Hall of Fame.

Gee, UF sure seems to have a hard time finding anyone who can handle a hearing without a conflict.

Or maybe it’s just a matter of whether Johnson’s on the case.  Take, for example, this tidbit that Mark Schlabach turned up:

Callaway was accused of sexual assault by the woman in December 2015 but was cleared in the August hearing. He had been suspended from the team following the accusation but was fully reinstated after the hearing.

Quarterback Treon Harris was accused of attempted sexual assault by the woman and ultimately transferred to Tennessee State. Sources had told ESPN that Harris agreed to leave Florida as part of a plea deal related to the Title IX case. He also apologized to the woman, the sources said.

Or maybe Harris wasn’t wasted on the night in question.  Pot can be your friend, kids!


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4 responses to “I would have committed sexual assault, but then I got high.

  1. I have no doubt Callaway will be on the sidelines on Labor Day weekend. The Atlanta press would rake UGA over the coals if we handled a case like this. The AJC would have a team of investigative reporters following Huntley Johnson around Athens to find any dirt on him. May I also add to all of this … rightfully so.

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    • RandallPinkFloyd

      Agreed. It’d be the one time I was glad teh AJC was all over something. How UF has stayed out of the spotlight on this one is beyond me.

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  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Title IX investigation? Huntley will just go have dinner at Mar-a-Lago. Nothing to see here. Move along.


  3. Cousin Eddie

    Rumor is that Art Briles is interviewing for the title IX director at uf. He claims to be totally independent.