“I’m back doing my normal thing.”

So, what do you figure the difference is between a healthy Nick Chubb and a Nick Chubb at 100 percent?

Because he thinks there’s a difference.


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  1. Derek

    Half of me thinks that he wasn’t really all the way back last year. The other half wonders why his best game was in the opener.

    Ultimately though no matter which is correct it really comes down to having a functional offensive line in 2017. If we get that, Chubb’s 2016 issues, of whatever nature, will soon be forgotten IMHO.


    • merk

      easily could have been that he was completely fresh in the opener. After that game, he may have had some pain (due to really pushing himself) that limited him as the season progressed. Also, UNC was garbage against the run the year prior, so they surely made our O-line look semi-competent.

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  2. truck

    I’m not sure what kind of records Nick will have by the time he leaves Georgia, but he is rapidly becoming one of my favorite Dawgs ever. What a fantastically gifted yet humble young man. If he stays at peak form for an entire season the sky’s the limit.


  3. Chopdawg

    I’m betting he passes McFadden.


  4. Greg

    Gonna say more confidence in knee & 870 yards.


  5. Will Trane

    “Beserk”. Damn Michael that is a very immature way to describe a very solid coach. Another liberal beat writer with a tag hanging around his neck like a ref’s whistle. As close to the game that liberal arts degree holder can get.
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    Keep up the passion coaches. You have earned it.


  6. Nate Dawg

    Still 5 yards a carry? Sure woulda been cool to give him the ball against Vandy at the end there…no?
    I need to get over these things. And I think Nick Chub may be my favorite human.
    Here’s to Nick Chubb being SEC MVP in ’17 and Go Dawgs!

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  7. watcher16

    I think there is a difference in him being physically healthy, and the 100% would be him mentally healthy as well and not so much worried about getting injured again. That psychological aspect is huge


  8. I remember thinking Chubb looked slow-of-foot after the UNC game last year and got blasted for it by my friends. I think the mental hurdle he had to clear never really went away last year. He never looked like the same back in terms of the jump cut and his explosion to the edge or through the hole.

    I don’t think he’ll ever be as explosive as he was before the injury, but last year looked like 75-80% of what that was. If he can get to 90% of that he can do some serious damage this year.



    I pity the fool.


  10. Southernlawyer11

    Did we ever see a game last year where Sony got 20+ carries ?…….I’d love to see us give him the ball 25-30 times and just see what happens. The kid has gotten a ton bigger throughout his 4 years on campus, and frankly should have gotten more (better) chances to be the bell cow last year when it was clear Nick Chubb still wasn’t fully recovered from a burst standpoint.

    IMO, Sony was the best back we had last year and we didn’t use him enough.


    • Southernlawyer11

      to answer my own question, yes. He got 21 carries against USCe and went for like 137 or something. Also had 19 twice, but there were a few games where he was low single digits. I just peaked and compared Chubb and Michel and without doing hardcore statistics on a man, it does generally show that Michel’s avg yards per carry had way more of a direct correlation to the number of carries he got. His avg was 5.5ypc to Chubb’s 5.0, but in his high carry games, his ypc blows up.

      Basically, my hunch is that we’re leaving many big plays on the table by not getting Michel the ball more.


    • OhioDawg

      I agree. I made the comment several times last year that he was the best back for our offense. His ability to make guys miss becomes even more valuable when you have an offensive line that’s not doing any favors for your running game.