When you’re not busy on early signing day…

… you have more time to throw one of your assistant coaches under the bus.

The man is an inspiring leader,  no doubt.


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18 responses to “When you’re not busy on early signing day…

  1. Bright Idea

    That simply means that if Johnson fired Roof he doesn’t want to talk about it and if he is stuck with him he sure as hell don’t want to talk about it.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Wouldn’t be the first time Roof was fired from Tech.

    Probably not the last, either.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    Does it ever sound to you guys like ol’ Paul wants to get fired so he can not work at Georgia Tech but still get his buyout? This isn’t something you say when you’re trying to recruit.


  4. JPDawg

    Who wants to start the gofundme page to get this man a contract extension?


  5. TimberRidgeDawg

    It’s always the Dead Period at GTU.

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  6. Dolly Llama

    StingTalk is still on members-only lockdown, if anyone was wondering. Maybe one day they’ll open it back up. Maybe one day it’ll just go dark. Who the hell knows?


    • PTC DAWG

      Who the hell cares?


      • Dolly Llama

        It really is/was one of the most bizarro-entertaining sites on the Internet. It’s like an elaborate, brilliant satire of a football site populated by geeky peripubescent boys. I enjoyed lurking there very much.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Bob Cratchet had a better boss than fishfry! Poor Tiny Ted Roof!


  8. Quinlan blocked me on Twitter for saying mean things about GTurd,


  9. Mike Cooley

    Paul Johnson is the stupidest genius that has ever lived.

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  10. Rudy Quillian

    Roof is now employed bu NC State