Today, in big deals

One of today’s more surprising developments is that Clemson flipped a five-star offensive lineman from in-state Ohio State. Somehow, I don’t think that’s gonna stick in Corch’s craw nearly as much as this will:

Urban Meyer is five years older than Dabo Swinney.


UPDATE:  Oh, my.  This story just gets better.

3. Carman previously called out OSU’s coaching staff in public, then got into a Twitter fight with Kirk Herbstreit.

He thought Ohio State should bench QB J.T. Barrett for Dwayne Haskins…

Herbstreit, a Buckeye himself, did not like that…

And Carman didn’t like that Herbstreit didn’t like it:

Herbstreit’s last word on it:

“And then he says he’s gonna go to Clemson or USC. Good, that would be a great decision for you. I think it’d be better for Urban Meyer to not have a guy like that on his roster.”

Well, Carman has now followed through on that threat. But it wasn’t because Meyer decided he wasn’t welcome at Ohio State.

I wonder if Herbie’s heard about Seat 37F yet.


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18 responses to “Today, in big deals

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    It’s funny – Dabo is known by the national media as a lighthearted, fun loving guy type, who is personable, loves to dance after big wins, etc. Yet I’ve read quite a number of stories lately about all the negative recruiting he’s doing, including against us. From what I’ve read, he reached out to several of our recruits after Patrick’s arrests and tried to use that against us, basically saying ‘don’t sign with UGA…their players get arrested, and you don’t want to get caught up in that.’

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    • JPDawg

      It would be a dereliction of duty if he didn’t do that.


      • Bright Idea

        How wise is it to tell any kid that if you go to a certain school you might get arrested? It is like Kiffin telling kids in South Carolina that they will be pumping gas the rest of their lives. Isn’t that telling a kid we don’t think you are capable of determining your future for yourself?

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    • Bulldog Joe

      Everyone says that on the recruiting trail about Georgia. This is why we are finally seeing some changes.


  2. TimberRidgeDawg

    We’ll handle it and it’s going to be a Big Deal.


  3. Derek

    Urban lost the opportunity to recruit Parsons and then Emory Jones flipped to the gators and now this?

    Someone may need to get him a defibrillator….

    By the way, Kirby may break my credit card before he’s done…

    I thought we had to wait until 2019 to sign the really big class. I thought in the summer that we’d have a 5 to 8th ranked class this year.

    Look at the 5 stars signing the LOI!! Look at the 5 stars signing the LOI!!


  4. If Dabo wanted to negatively recruit against Urban, couldn’t he just give kids the boxscores from the last time they faced each other?

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  5. Bill Glennon

    I just hope this dosen’t become Charley Bauman II.


  6. Dolly Llama

    Sure does seem like someone at OSU would have reached out to Herbie and said “Dude, we appreciate your … help? … but …”


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Can’t get an Ohio kid to attend tOSU! Herbstreit’s no better at recruiting than he is at broadcasting…


  8. merk

    So now Herbie has played a part in screwing up 2 highly rated recruits for OSU


    • Otto

      Agreed, Parsons wasn’t exactly his fault, Oh. State should not have given the press credentials but a twitter fight? That is great. I hope Clemson plays them again soon and demolishes them just to rub salt in it.

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  9. JasonC

    To be fair though, Corch is 5 years older… with a history of heart problems.