The greatest second-half performance by any quarterback in college football history

Tua Tagovailoa is Sporting News’ pick as the second-best quarterback in all of college football.  Even better, “We thought about putting Tagovailoa No. 1, and there’s no hesitation in that thought process.”

I had to check.  Tagovailoa’s passer rating in the championship game was a respectable 149.35.  Not exactly the stuff legends are made from, but, then again, I’m not a national CFB pundit needing to push a narrative in May.


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31 responses to “The greatest second-half performance by any quarterback in college football history

  1. Even with my Crimson colored glasses this is crazy. Welcome to the off-season!


  2. Jared S.

    Only time will tell but….

    Anyone else think he just looked like any other talented freshman?

    I realize I may end up eating my words, but if the dude is anyone’s pick as the SEC’s best QB (let alone the nation’s) at the end of the year I’ll be shocked. SHOCKED.


  3. ASEF

    It’s kind of a weird off-season in that respect. Normally there is an off-season spotlight on a guy like Deshaun Watson or Johnny Manzeil or Lamar Jackson – dynamic dudes who have proven they can put a team on their back and make plays.

    How empty is that trope-barrel this year? Pretty empty.

    On the other hand, it’s less annoying than endless quotes from Malzahn pumping up his September Heisman winner.


  4. Mayor

    If the UGA secondary hadn’t had that breakdown in coverage which resulted in the long completetion that won the game in OT Ole Tua would have been the goat of the game for being tackled for a 25 yard loss that took the Tide out of FG range and would have instead lost the game for the Tide.

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  5. Reipar

    The SEC. From the quarterback play is terrible to 4 in the top 9 in a year.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Grrrr, that still pisses me off.

    OTOH if we just coulda got enough push for one more field goal in regulation, . . . if, if, if . . .


    • Derek

      If we don’t get cute after Baker’s pick we’re in FG range there.

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      • ugafidelis

        I thought the biggest complaint was that we got too bland after halftime.

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      • TomReagan

        How did we “get cute”? All we did was run a pass play on first down. The throw was to an open Sony Michel crossing the field 5 yards deep.

        Can’t pin that on Cheney or Fromm. It was a fluky play that Alabama got lucky on the tip, but also had a great athletic play to capitalize on it.

        I do agree, though, that it was the play of the game. If they don’t get the pick right there we win and Tua’s a kid who threw a bad interception that likely put the game out of reach. As is, they end up getting a pick that sets them up at our 40.


  7. ChiliDawg

    The GSHPOOE?


  8. Uglydawg

    We may have 1 and 2 by next year.


  9. hook

    149.35 is not setting the woods on fire but it was better than Mayfield.


  10. Jeff Sanchez

    Good player, but WILDLY overrated.

    Making his living on a 3rd down scramble that should have been a sack if RS3 wasn’t tackled from behind (in a game full of missed calls this one is overlooked and perhaps the most consequential), a blind, desperate throw on 4th down (that should have been a false start) and an (admittedly) great pass that was made easy by a busted coverage.

    Not trying to be a hater, but this stuff is getting over the top now.

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    • ASEF

      True freshman minus two starring OL gets thrown into championship game because a former SEC Offensive Player of the Year can’t move the ball at all. Down 13.

      And he generates 30 points worth of offense in a half and a drive. Helps Bama runs 48 second half plays after 24 first half.

      Give the kid some credit. What he did was painful, but admittedly very, very special.


    • 92 grad

      Thank you for chiming in on this. That second half is going to hurt us for a long time, unless Kirby has the troops poised to make a run again this fall. If our guys can spank Alabama this year it will be seismic.


  11. ugafidelis

    I tried to check his A-Day QBR to see if it reinforced this ranking, but I forgot that he was hurt and didn’t play.


  12. Jake Fromm was the best QB on the field that night in Atlanta. Nothing has changed … I’ll take our guy over their guys 8 days a week.


  13. JoshG

    Too soon.