Moar scheduling notes

Times for the first two cupcake games are in.

Austin Peay at 3:30?  Wut?

Maybe Mickey is counting on a heavy dose of Justin Fields for its viewers.  Strange, to say the least.


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20 responses to “Moar scheduling notes


    Play better, avoid nooners.


  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Austin Peay at 3:30? Not sure why – I am not willing to do the work to find out – but in the past that weekend has had games scattered throughout the weekend including marquee games on Monday, so it may just be the best choice for that weekend at that time. Mickey certainly thinks so. And hey, after last season, even non-Dawg fans will be interested to see what we look like. Unless it rains (or Kilauea explodes) it’ll be damn hot.

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  3. Russ

    Dayum! There must be some crappy games on that day. And MTSU on the Deuce at 7:00? I figured we’d be on the Ocho.


  4. ApalachDawg

    Nooners are for losers
    The Richt “arena” has been demolished and the Smart “arena” pisses excellence.

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  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Love it. Those time slots are pretty sweet. Dawgs must really be moving the needle with viewers.


  6. Stoopnagle

    Noon: Ole Miss – Texas Tech
    Noon: Coastal Carolina at S Carolina
    3:30: Auburn – Washington
    3:30: Tennessee – WVU
    3:30: CMU at UK
    4:00: E. Ill. at Arkansas
    4:00: UT-M at Mizzou
    7:30: MTSU at Vandy
    7:30: Chs So at Florida
    7:30: SFA at MSU
    8:00: Louisville – Bama


    • Macallanlover

      All you need to know about the WWL’s business savvy. As a UGA fan, I will watch my team’s game, but the most interesting games for me after that, are the AU/Washington and TN/WVA games….which they put on at the same time. Isn’t it logical to spread the conference games out and not lay them on top of one another? i think most fans backup interest would be other conference teams. We clearly aren’t a top interest game to many fans that day, so being against one of the bigger three SEC games is understandable, but two makes no sense. Same thing happens every New Year’s day in the ear;y bowl games. Plenty of time slots to offer fans better choices for same conference games, would drive higher viewing numbers as well. Not sure they understand CFB fans, maybe too many NFL types making decisions.


  7. mdcgtp

    The reason we are on during the day is the night slate will probably include at least two of Bama-louisville, Michigan-Notre Dame, and Auburn-Washington.

    I love the fact that we play when it’s hot to prepare for USC, but let’s hope thunder storms don’t screw things up again.


  8. Red Cup

    I hear that the pee has a great long snappah


  9. ATL Dawg

    The concession stands are already out of ice.

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  10. Bulldawg Bill

    I just don’t get MTSU at 7:15!!!

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  11. The 3:30 slot is probably the best we could expect for Peay. The WWL wanted Georgia in a prime slot. I love the 7:15 start for MTSU.

    Yes, 3:30 will be hot but, hopefully, a good warm-up for the following week.


  12. BMan

    Lucifer will be tailgating in Columbia on 9/8, as it will be hotter than hell.


  13. dawgtired

    “Times for the first two cupcake games are in.”

    Which two are the cupcakes? 😉