The greatest threat to Tua Tagovailoa’s Heisman campaign…

is his little brother.


(h/t UncleBeezer, who is living proof that there are some ‘Bama fans who are good folks)


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11 responses to “The greatest threat to Tua Tagovailoa’s Heisman campaign…

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Oh brother. No pun intended. And still, grrrr, that pisses me off.


  2. Mayor

    This sort of BS sickens me. The previous play Tua had been tackled for a 20 yard loss taking the Tide out of FG range. He would have been the goat of the game along with the kicker. Georgia had a breakdown in the defensive secondary that cost the game and the national championship. Anybody could have thrown that pass.


    • ugafidelis

      The previous play doesn’t matter. Don’t you know that?


    • Boz

      “Anybody could have thrown that”? WTF are you talking about? The breakdown happened because he looked off Dom who was drooling for a pick. The kid made a play and went balls deep on us.. it still hurts.


    • Macallanlover

      I don’t know if he would have been “the goat”, but he wouldn’t be a leader for the Heisman at this point, and he would be given credit for a valiant effort in a losing comeback effort had we just called a timeout to account for the dramatic change in strategy needed. Still cannot believe we didn’t rethink our position and make damned sure no one left you-know-who on an island alone. I realize Sanders had deep responsibility on that side, but everyone in the building knew who Bama was going to pick on, they had been successful every time they tried on the 2nd half.


  3. Got Cowdog

    We might as well give Tua the Heisman for the next four years, then his little brother can have it for two or three after that. Alabama can be the National Champions for the next 10 years, go ahead and give them all the trophy’s and get it out of the way, they don’t even have to play anyone.Then send their asses and their ass kissing medialites home.

    The rest of us will finally be able to get back to football.

    I’m starting to feel about alabama the way I feel about Notre Dame. Sure they’re good. I’m just tired of hearing about it.


  4. Russ2

    I predict he doesn’t survive the year as the starting QB and will Not be with the Tide in 19. Too much dam DRAMA and VOLATILITY with this kid. Time will tell. Mac Jones probably finishes as QB.


  5. Comin' Down The Track

    Tua Tagovailoa… he’s that kid that’s only ever played 30 minutes of college football, right?


  6. ASEF

    Look, rhe Tua Hype is ridiculous. But so is the Tua backlash.

    Georgia’s defense held Alabama to 24 plays and 3 possible points (1 missed FG) in the first half with a guy who was All-SEC as a freshman at QB.

    Second half, with the starting LT out, Bama with Tua ran 48 plays and generated 23 possible points (1 missed FG). A true freshman with zero big game experience did that against Georgia’s defense. Add to that Georgia was probably the best 3rd quarter team in football last year.

    This isn’t so much what Tua did as who he did it against and under what circumstances. I have enormous respect for that because I have enormous respect for how good Smart’s D was last year and how good Georgia was in the 2nd half all year.


  7. ApalachDawg

    Why did Tua’s parents move from Hawaii to Alabama?
    Allow me to fill in the bank account statement, The same damn reason Laremy Tunsil and his crew moved from Florida to Mississippi. I’m
    Shocked to find out that his bro is also committed to the REC, I mean Alabama.

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  8. Tyler Simmons was onsides. That blocked kick would have sent Alabama into a free fall. Instead, they got to flip the field with the help of the missed decapitation of DeAndre Swift.

    The officiating in that game still sucked.