Meanwhile, in Jacksonville

They’ve changed the name of the stadium again.

Shit, it’s almost like they make you call it the Cocktail Party just so everyone can keep track of what you’re referring to.



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  1. In about 20 years, I would mind them renaming it Kirby Smart Field after we retake ownership of northeast Florida and the Gators beg for the game to be moved to campus.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    I use the dead Prince technique: “The Stadium Formerly Known as the Gator Bowl.” Preferably, rocking, stunned, with the girders bending.


  3. Cojones

    Crap. There goes the chance to change that “n” in EverBank to an “r” to make it “Everbark Field”.


  4. Mayor

    City of JAX–greed personified. The whole place is for sale to the highest bidder.


    • 79Dawg

      TIAA bought EverBank and renamed it… Don’t get me started on whether it is wise for a pension fund originally established for educators should be owning a mortgage bank, however…


      • Russ

        Yeah, I thought TIAA was an educator pension fund. But then I haven’t worked for an educational institution in a long time.


        • barneydawg

          Ah, TIAA.
          I worked at a University for a couple of years long ago while trying to finish a grad degree. Our 401k was with TIAA and now that I am ready to withdraw it, they delay, obfuscate, paper you over like crazy to stop or discourage you from getting your money. I have had no such problems with my other 401K withdrawals from larger investment firms. TIAA should be named Hotel California Fund, because your money goes in but it can never leave.


    • Reipar



    • ChiliDawg

      Stadium naming rights are hardly a phenomenon isolated to Jacksonville. You think SunTrust Park or MB&T Field were chosen for relevance to the teams playing there? It’s not like they get to keep their name on it for eternity because of a one-time donation, either. Just the way of the world.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    “Todd, It’s Another Alignment!” field.


  6. ATL Dawg

    It would be interesting to see what kind of terms the contract lays out regarding the Jags moving more and more events and operations to London.


  7. Have to look up TIAA


  8. Cousin Eddie

    I just learned to pronounce Everbank, how do you pronounce TIAA? And why all caps, were they mad they had to buy it?


  9. Tlkdawg

    I’m thinking of a startup company that specializes in changing the facades of stadiums after a name change. Seems like there is a lot of work available nowadays


  10. Rampdawg

    There Is Abundant Alcohol
    Bank Field


  11. PTC DAWG

    I have never stopped calling it The Gator Bowl…..


  12. Stoopnagle

    I once read a gator fan piss and moan about how the habit of calling it “The Jacksonville Game” by Georgia people irked him because it just omitted anything about UF being a part of it all. Ever since then, I’ve called it “The Jacksonville Game.”


    • Cojones

      Split the diff and call it the FU field. It always ends that way anyway.


    • Cousin Eddie

      I heard Teblows talking about the game and he said florida/Georgia game. I was like he said that wrong it should be the Georgia/florida game, then realized that all the uf fans are backwards anyway so why should they know the correct way to say it.


  13. 83Dawg

    TIts And Ass Bank Field?


  14. Jeff Sanchez

    But ya’ll go ahead and keep beating that “tradition!!11!” argument for keeping the game there…