Loaded for bear

This is impressive.


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13 responses to “Loaded for bear

  1. practicaldawg

    Now we wait to see if they are actually returning in ‘20.


  2. 86BONE

    Yep I can smell those ditch lizards getting closer and closer….NOT!


  3. Union Jack

    If we do get a season in 2020 (that just sounds so depressingly weird), I hope that UGA’s defense does what LSU’s offense did to everyone in 2019. The Tigers offense was so relentlessly good that everyone had to submit.

    I hope they are Baltimore Ravens circa 2000 good.


  4. Nashville West

    Why does it seem like the most Georgia thing ever that the season will be cancelled when we have a once in a generation defense. Sigh…


  5. Should that bear UGA is loaded for reside in tuscaloosa, wearing the memories of the houndstooth hat..then let the games begin…should be FUN


  6. Russ

    I really hope we get a good, full look at this defense this season. They will be a thing of beauty. Erk would be smiling for sure.

    And I can’t wait to see how they smother FU.


    • 86BONE

      Russ we are down and out at midnight tonight…time to Hunker Down!
      I am in the construction industry and will have a “free pass”, so to speak.
      Dawg Nation needs to come together and help each other all we can right now. If you get in ANY kind of bind in the near future, you let me know.
      I will do my dead level best to help you and any other dogs in Texas, we will get thru this BS together!
      Not sure how you would reach me without this email, but please reach out if you need anything: rrmetz69@gmail.com


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