And… a cold shower



Screenshot_2020-05-05 Hi, I’m David on Twitter QB A is Jamie Newman, Georgia’s new star QB and future first round pick, who[...]

Does the quarterback make the program, or does the program make the quarterback?  Stay tuned.


UPDATE:  Bonus yecch.

Screenshot_2020-05-05 Hi, I’m David on Twitter And here’s the bigger worry if I’m UGA… Jake Fromm was a very good QB Here a[...]

I don’t know if Newman’s gonna work out at Georgia, but I’m pretty sure Coley wouldn’t have helped.


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  1. Quarterback.

    J. Burrow


  2. Bulldog Joe


    QB A
    at Virginia Tech
    at #2 Clemson
    at Syracuse
    vs. Michigan State at NYC

    QB B
    at Florida State
    at Duke
    vs. Louisiana Tech at Shreveport

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  3. papadawg

    Genuine question (I must be missing something):
    I totally get why Coley got so much heat last season. The results on the field were obvious.
    But why does Hankton not get similar heat?
    I would guess that most Dawg fans don’t even know his name. When the WRs ain’t very good, it seems that the WR coach deserves some of the blame.

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  4. UGA '97

    Multiple choice, how was Kirby holding Coley accountable during:

    A.) Winter Workouts
    B.) Spring Practice
    C.) Summer Semester (with allowable weekly practice hours by the NCAA)
    D.) Fall Camp
    E.) Games, Practices, Film rooms in September & October.

    I’ll hangup and listen.


  5. Russ

    This is an example of how statistics can show pretty much whatever you want them to show.

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  6. 30904Dawg

    Why do you even bother reading what Hale puts out? He selectively chooses stats to suit the narrative he wants to go with. And he has seemed hell bent on being anti-UGA since he left the Georgia beat back in 09. He is an ACC sycophant if I’ve ever seen one that wasn’t named Danny Kanell


    • Granted I don’t read a lot of his stuff since he left, but he is/was damn good writer. I don’t seem him the same as Kanell at all. Maybe it’s writer vs. talking head. I can count on Hale to be honest, even if I don’t particularly like what he’s saying. YMMV, of course.


      • addr

        He can be a good writer and still cherry pick stats to suit a narrative. That’s modern journalism for you.

        Jamie Newman’s stats from Nov – Jan in one year tell us literally zero about how he will fare as Georgia’s QB. The fact that a serious journalist had to reach this deep to pick an unflattering stat to make some prediction about how he will fare on a completely new team is a joke. All it means is that Newman had a bad Nov – Jan in one year. Really.

        Btw, this isn’t to say Newman will be a superstar – he may turn out great, or he may suck. But in this case, Hale is just fishing for clickbait, nothing more.

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  7. I assume the Cager stat was literally with him on the field and off the field. I expected a drop-off but not one that steep. The Chicago Bulls weren’t as good when 23 was sitting on the bench getting a breather. The Edmonton Oilers’ shifts weren’t as good as when Gretzky’s shift was off the ice. The 49ers’ passing game wasn’t quite as good when Jerry Rice wasn’t on the field.

    My comment isn’t meant to say Cager was the best athlete on the field, but at least until Jake developed the same trust in #1 he had in #15, of course, the passing game would drop off without his availability.

    When Cager wasn’t available due to injury, the offense suffered.

    To David Hale, thanks for telling us that water is wet.

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  8. Jdawg108

    It’s an interesting chicken and the egg thing; but with Fromm he always seemed to have a “go to” receiver. Someone who he was comfortable with and trusted. When Holloman and Cager were gone last year, he lacked that.

    Which may have led to his fundamentals tanking as he tried to force it. Could have been a negative feedback loop; the receivers weren’t as good, so he became worse by trying to force it. Coupled with a lack of leadership to fix it= our 2019 woes.


    • Mayor

      Yeah, when Cager got injured Fromm still would have had Holloman as his go to guy….wait…..what happened to Holloman? Oh that’s right, Kirby kicked him off the team. Karma can be a real bitch.


      • Granthams replacement

        Greg kicked JJ off the team.

        Kirby addressed WR shortcomings after the SEC championship and getting 4 WRs in the 2020 class.


        • Mayor

          If Greg is the guy who actually was behind JJ being dismissed from the team then meddled with football operations and should be fired for that right there. Likely JJ not playing is the reason why Georgia lost to SC and thereby got eliminated from the playoff by losing the SECCG to LSU. Greg is not in charge of football. Greg is in charge of bean counting. If Kirby allowed Greg to determine discipline for the football team then Kirby is at fault too. Do you think for one minute that the Bama AD can kick a player of the Bama team? If what you said is true that is the most Georgia Way thing I have ever heard of.


      • The dude hit a woman, no? If so, he had to get kicked off.


      • Still riding with this bullshit? The kid hit a woman. He kicked himself off the team.


  9. Muttley

    I’m way too lazy to go looking for last year’s matching set of Tweets claiming incoming transfer Cager was just depth and all his stats and film were just garbage from the ACC, but they’re probably there somewhere.

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    • Scuba

      You are correct the experts mostly agreed Cager was a nice piece not a feature #1 receiver.

      How does Landers get a ball throw his way. i get at times you need bodies on the field to rest others. Talk about total lack of effort he was the poster child. This is not UF we don`t appreciate gator arms.

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  10. Bill Glennon

    Not to pile on, but according to the AJC, Newman hasn’t looked great in the pretend scrimmages.

    If only Chip Towers would break a series of virtual player arrests and suspensions, then the annual post-spring angst will feel real.

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  11. Mayor

    Glad Coley is gone but the real problem was at WR and the WR position coach is still in Athens.


  12. I wonder what the offense would have looked like had Riley Ridley and Isaac Nauta stayed (instead of being a 4th and 7th rounder, respectively) and Holloman had not choked his girlfriend during sex.


    • Mayor

      BTW choking your partner during sex is now a commonplace thing for younger people. Women sometimes choke their male sex partners too. We old people need to quit judging young people by our old person values and try to understand the world THEY live in. It pisses me off whenever I see a grey haired judge threaten some kid with contempt because the kid came to court with his shirt untucked. That’s the way he wears his shirts! It doesn’t have anything to do with disrespect for the court!


    • Mayor

      P.S. See my response to HukerDawg above.


  13. Charlottedawg

    Exhibit a on why the projections of newman as a first rounder and Heisman contender are premature at best


  14. Cousin Eddie

    tweet #1: Newman is bad at this QB stuff even though he was down his two best receivers
    tweet #2: Fromm is good and even better when he has his #1 wr.
    Is it me or does tweet #2 partially explain tweet #1 or are we just looking for fodder for uf fans to enjoy.

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  15. jt10mc (the other one)

    Well I was happy for a minute…


  16. Go Dawgs!

    No matter what happens this season, I’ll at least know with certainty that it would have been worse with Coley.