An alternate theory of the crime

Maybe ‘Bama lost the natty because they didn’t feel disrespected enough.


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  1. ugafidelis

    This is getting a bit ridiculous.

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    • legatedawg

      Yes, a foolish piece of nonsense. Alabama claiming “disrespect” by the mighty Bearcats is like Wilt Chamberlain trying to win a limbo contest sixty years ago.


  2. Ran A

    The disrespect thing clearly worked well in the SEC Championship/ but quickly got ‘old’ after that.

    By the way, towards the end of the game, their young QB got caught on tape mouthing that “Georgia ain’t Sh*t”. With a big smile on his face.

    I’m guessing that got played a few times by Georgia players. Now that’s motivation.

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  3. Munsoning

    Many of them apparently want even less respect because they’re transferring to significantly worse teams. TE Billingsley to Texas is the latest move.

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    • ASEF

      Billingsley was awful in the championship game. Couldn’t block, couldn’t catch. My basic impression of him this year: “That roster doesn’t have anyone better than that?”

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      • Munsoning

        Absolutely. Bama’s other TE, Latu, played better but his 60-plus-yd. reception was the result of a poor decision by Ringo and he dropped a TD catch a play or two later. Even if Darnell hits the portal the Dawgs have a much, much better TE room than Bama.

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        • siskey

          I hope Washington to stay but his future should be at OT. He is a huge guy and really talented but if he had the same ability as Bowers he’d be wasting his time at TE and should be playing basketball.
          Like I said I hope he stays but we’ll be great at TE for at least 2 more years with or without Washington.
          I noticed the shot of Young saying the d ain’t shit, that and Saban’s rat poison being yummy comments were way out of character for Bama and probably served us well.

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          • Munsoning

            Totally agree. Even if he stays at TE he’ll apparently mostly block in the NFL. Somebody on the UGA beat subtweeted Darnell yesterday, I think, writing that George Kittle, the league’s highest-paid TE, blocks 80 percent of the time he’s on the field. Seems like Darnell could transform himself into an elite OT, though.

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          • classiccitycanine

            Darnell is terrible at creating separation. Too slow and not a great route runner. I’d like to see him improve, but if he thinks he needs to go elsewhere, more power to him. He’s not crazy to think Bowers will soak up the available TE throws.


        • Nil Butron is a Pud

          But Ringo not giving up and making the tackle at the 8 was possibly his most important play of the game. Not the most memorable, but he saved the TD and settling for the FG was demoralizing for Bama.

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          • Munsoning

            No doubt. That was Ringo’s other huge play. I meant what I wrote more as criticism of Bama’s TEs than of Ringo.

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          • James A Mercer Jr

            One of the best defensiive moves by a Georgia player…he showed outstanding speed and determiination…and didn’t get the proper recognition for the play.


  4. stoopnagle

    Meh. I’ll worry about Bama in December.

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  5. Reminds me of Tom Brady’s “no one believed in us” shtick with the Patriots a few seasons back. 🙄 Tell yourself whatever you gotta tell yourself, I guess. But wouldn’t you think being in a CFP game would be motivation enough?

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  6. Is there such a thing as fake non-juice?

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  7. voxdawg

    The ‘disrespect’ card is such a lazy tool for them.

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  8. jdawg108

    New Star Wars film pitch.

    Right after a new Hope, the emperor and Darth Vader go around rallying the troups, talking about how they’re underdogs against the big, bad rebel alliance. The disrespect has to stop.

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  9. Saban’s secret weapon has been getting teenagers to sacrifice and focus from today’s “It’s all about me!” Generation. Kirby’s adapted by being relatable to his kids, blending their self ego into a team pursuit. He balances the fine line that fake hipster Mullen crossed vs Saban’s dictatorship style. Ed O is another example of not being able to keep balance. Beamer and Pittman get what Kirby is doing. Kids will test limits to see how the adults react. Going to Alabama will be good for you if you crave imposed discipline. Going to Georgia wii show you love, support and self-discipline. The winning formula is changing.

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    • jrod1229

      “Its all about me generation” is such a load of crap. I know it’s not your point here, but previous to the “All about me generation” were the generations that completely ignored global warming, rising debt crisis, etc all in favor of “Getting mine now”. It’s always been “all about me”.

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    • ben

      Whenever I watch the end of the game, and Kirby is asked about Ringo, you can genuinely see how happy he is and how much he loves the kid. AND he says how much he loves his family.

      I gotta think he’s being sincere, but that can’t hurt on the trail, either.


  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    Boy that’s some grade A Kaka del Toro right there folks.

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  11. Tommy Perkins

    I think we can make it official: “rat poison” = fake juice. Move along.


    • dawg100

      Not sure you can say that?

      That would mean that black helmets in Jacksonville equal rat poison.

      I think you argument has a fallacy!

      See the teacher after class to discuss.


  12. Gaskilldawg

    So the most disrespectful thing that can happen to a team is being ranked number 1 and the top seed in the playoffs. Hope we get disrespected next season.

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  13. back9k9

    I can legit see how that worked for the SECCG but after that it was just “fake juice”.

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  14. ‘People been disrespecting us all year, saying we weren’t the best, saying we couldn’t win it all.’

    Narrator Voice: And they weren’t the best. They didn’t win it all.

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  15. I have never experienced schadenfreude as intense as I have the last week over the pain of the Gumps and their constant excuse making.

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  16. uga97

    Bama & Disrespect. Yep getting destroyed 27-9 in the 2nd half in a natty game was a healthy response to feeling like disrespected underdogs. Glad they finally have some self awareness.

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  17. Nil Butron is a Pud

    They should do a 30 for 30 on SBIV, but yeah, Bama, nobody believed in YOU…


  18. “Nobody respects us!” when everyone massively respects you is just FAKE JUICE!

    #GoDawgs – 33-18.