Meanwhile, at the grownups table…

Hands down, the silliest thing to emerge from yesterday’s Spring Meetings session:

How first grade.  It’s like Sankey wanted to make sure Jimbo and Saban didn’t start pinching each other under the table.



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16 responses to “Meanwhile, at the grownups table…

  1. Dawgfan1995

    Looks like Jimbo got put into timeout until he can play nicely with the rest of his coach class.


  2. pdawg30577

    I just hope their eyes don’t get stuck side-eyeing one another.

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  3. akascuba

    Looks like A&M bought Jimbo a special seat. Could it be to discuss how nice your new SEC head quarters could be in College Station?

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  4. Anon

    To be fair. It is Jimbos year to chair the SECs head coaches committee. I’m sure that is why. Read that yesterday someplace. Can’t remember where

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  5. Gaskilldawg

    The coaches are sitting alphabetically by school. If Jim or coached at Arkansas he would have been next to Saban.

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  6. Lane has the best seat to watch what transpires…lol.

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  7. cowetadawg

    Bold move seating the Pirate next to the Laner.


  8. mddawg

    Looks like it’s alphabetical going counter-clockwise starting with Saban. Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, etc., all the way up through Tennessee. Then some SEC bureaucrats (I’m guessing), then Sankey and Fischer.


  9. Geezus

    I think Pittman should’ve gotten an end seat – he’s a big dude.

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  10. Ran A

    Oh good Lord. Put them in alphabetical order and be done with it.


  11. 123 Fake St

    Ted Lasso would have sat them at the same table, gotten them drunk, and told them to hash it out.


  12. TripleB

    I thought Saban was supposed to be at the head of the table with the other SEC bosses. Maybe he got demoted too?


  13. Derek

    Its alpha order beginning at Alabama and going counter-clockwise.

    Jumbo was not in alpha order because:

    “Well, Jimbo is our chair – it’s a rotating chair, so he was very engaged,” Sankey said

    Had Jimbo been placed in alpha order he’d have been between Heupel and Lea and further away from Saban.


  14. timberridgedawg

    Drink, Leach, and Lane in the corner right across from Dad/Sankey to keep them from farting and disrupting the class talking and laughing.