Talkin’ Dawgshit

Well, when you’re coming off a national title, it’s unreasonable to expect a whole lot of anonymous criticism from opposing coaches about Georgia, as Athlon finds.  Still, if you put your mind to it

“The quarterback is back, but one of the worst things that can happen after a successful season or a title run is when a good-but-not-great QB comes back,” the coach said. “Everyone is expecting an advancement that might not be possible. Remember, there were times last season when they won in spite of this offense.”

“Times”, as in plural?  Outside of the Clemson game — in which Bennett didn’t play — what other wins came in spite of the offense?

“They’re loaded with elite young guys coming in, but they aren’t going to have the luxury of that defense from last season. So eventually, they’re going to have to open the offense up and push Stetson Bennett,” the coach said. “They won a national title in the most comfortable way possible for their head coach: The best defensive players in the country doing their thing and then playing a safe offensive game. That will have to change some.”

“They have to open the offense up” is the new “you can’t win championships playing defense”.  I’m waiting for somebody to ask why Georgia is paying Todd Monken so much when all he does is call a safe offensive game.


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  1. RangerRuss

    “Eventually” cometh and that right soon.

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  2. I’m fine with opposing coaches believing lazy takes about our offense. May it continue for the whole season.

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  3. Dawgfan1995

    Ask Michigan how it works when you challenge Georgia to beat you through the air.

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  4. Ran A

    This had to b aa coach that did not play Georgia last year. How could you possibly draw some of these conclusions, unless your just that dumb. Could be any of those guys; but did feel a little bit ‘Lane Kiffinish’ – little bit of snark and a little bit of lazy… Guess that could have been Jimbo too.

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  5. theoriginalspike

    Ahh.. cynical me doesn’t even believe these are quotes from other “real” coaches. I think the writer(s) just made this bullshit up.

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    • originaluglydawg

      That’s a very real probab…I mean possibility.
      “Anonymous” is a red flag.
      Coaches should refuse to participate in such a bottom dragging journalistic ploy.
      But if it is real, it probably is Brain Kelly or Billy Napier (as Dawgfan1995 said in his post). Or possibly Beamer. Some coach that’s made a title run or had a successful season. Maybe Fischer: Bobby’s good at running off at the mouth.
      But in the big scheme of things, coaches running their mouths doesn’t change the reality that CKS has built a monster and while they’re all analyzing and pretending the monster isn’t real, Kirby is quietly tweaking it to eat them all up.

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      • archiecreek

        If it was Jimbo,
        he’s a bigger dumbass than I thought. We beat his ass in a Kirby manball game in Athens when a$m had the “much superior, much popular, dual threat quarterback” in Monds.
        You are correct, uglydawg, it’s a Kirby/Monken tweaking that will be a sight to behold!!

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      I love the smell of a good Conspiracy Theory first thing in the morning!!!


  6. Derek

    The offense in the natty was pretty much awful for 3 quarters and 5 minutes. You had one good run by Cook and a long pass to Pickens and otherwise 5 of our 7 possessions over the first 50 minutes of the game were 3 and outs.

    I say that counts as a win in spite of an offense.

    The second quote is pretty much what I’ve been saying all off season. If we’re to win the conference OR repeat, the offense is going to have to perform better especially against elite competition.

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    • Cool. Now do the last ten minutes of the game.

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      • Derek

        It got better for sure. However, that late arriving offense only had a chance to make a difference because of Nakobe Dean and Co.’s extraordinary efforts. Without that once in a lifetime defense, the failure of the offense over the first 50 minutes likely would have proven fatal to any chances at getting a win.

        Therefore, if that 2021 defense is gone and now replaced with a somewhat lesser defensive unit, it is highly likely that we’ll need to play better offense, over the entire course of the games, if we want to win any prizes at the end of the season.

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      • gastr1

        You’re right about this. But what the others outside of our little chatroom are right that we have still never won a game in the Smart era with the offense outgunning another offense. It’s as simple as that. I don’t want to sound like a skeptic, though; I’m not. I think we could have done that last season had it been necessary.

        I expect to see the offense as dynamic this coming year as it has ever been.


    • californiadawg

      Yes we struggled. You could say the same thing about Bama’s offense that game. We gifted them a TD with Bennett’s “turnover.” They were a fairly overrated unit last year, struggling against UT, Auburn(!), Arkansas, Florida – all teams we blew out. Yet ask most lazy pundits about last season and they give Bama’s offensive unit otherworldly status while ours was simply good enough, which is bullshit. Our offense was much more explosive than given credit, especially considering how comically injury-plagued we were for most of the season.

      That being said, I believe you’re right and Kirby seems to agree with you. He’s said as much several times this offseason that we need more 4-quarter production out of the offense. I think we’ll see it.

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  7. Fuck around and find out, Coach! Suit your boys up and see us on Saturday

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  8. 81Dog

    The like to throw easy slants. Anybody can throw slants.
    So, our D will be mediocre and we’ll have to quit winning in spite of our safe, simple offense? Cool, cool.

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  9. vidaliadawg

    Efficient-“ achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.” Sounds pretty Smart to me.

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  10. beatarmy92

    I’m betting that’s Napier and Heupel talking shit they know is shit merely for the sake of recruiting.

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  11. Darin Cochran

    Someone remind that idiot, that before last season, all those so-called experts at the mag preseason publications named one….ONE player on our D to be an All-SEC player, not an All-American…just a measily All-SEC. That was Nakobe Dean if my memory serves me. Nolan Smith and Walker and maybe one more got some 2nd and 3rd string mentions. So, no one…NO ONE thought we were going to have our super-duper D last season. This season, we got at least 4 people getting preseason love; Carter, Nolan Smith, Ringo and some are giving Beal the credit he deserves. So…my point; maybe just maybe, our D turns out to be even BETTER. Has any of our opposing coaches considered that? Then poor ol Stetson can just go on being that mediocre, barely-scraping-by QB that he is….(yawn).

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  12. Mike Cooley

    I’ll take Stetson. There’s a long list of “great” quarterbacks who aren’t national champions. He has earned their respect. If they are determined not to give it to him it’s just because they’re ass mad.

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  13. Russ

    Good. Let them keep doubting us. Right up until we kick that ass.

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  14. William Ferguson

    Looking at the whole game, the defense bailed us out with all those red zone stops, a blocked field goal (btw, it’s a 5 point game in the last minute w/o that) and includes a well underthrown ball to AD where he made a play. I”m stoked we won, but know we could have lost that game. Even with that last 10 minutes, and the underthrown bomb to Mitchell, we still only threw for 224 yards.


  15. stoopnagle

    Sorry, I couldn’t read that from the glare coming off this national championship trophy.

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  16. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I am willing to admit that there might be some truth to the snide remarks, but what’s different for me is that I recognize that football is a team game. So what if a defense can control a game? Don’t their contributions add to the whole? I don’t ever want my team to be one-dimensional. I want us to have excellent offense, excellent defense, excellent special teams, and excellent depth. Okay anonymous coaches, compare what you think we have in comparison with other teams. And by the way, I’m not a Stetson hater, but he has been a bit of a Jekyll/Hyde player, and the last game is great example of that. If he can play 4 quarters like he played the 4th quarter of the natty other teams don’t have a prayer.

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  17. uga97

    Just slide the d & o points scale from last year over to the right