Your Daily Gator hits rock bottom.

It took a decade and four head coaches, but Agent Muschamp’s evil plan has come to fruition.

Again, this is for rational and polite discussion, not hate. With that being said, is it possible that the 90s and 00s were just an anomaly and the reality it’s we’re just a mid tear program? I’m too young to remember before this, so is it possible we just have to accept that we’re a team that will just be a 6-10 win team every year that has a nice bowl every couple years? Don’t want to go my whole life expecting to be a championship caliber team and being disappointed.

“mid tear” is such a Freudian slip.  Enjoy reality, Gators.


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  1. 81Dog

    Don’t worry, Handbags. It will be 2049 before you know it., 🤣


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    • gastr1

      “mid tear”…as in, “amidst tears,” absolutely. Whether Freudian slip or just ignoramus spelling, I approve this message.

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  2. David D

    Coming soon from Creature Comforts Brewing Co.: Gator Tears Pale Ale.

    Or, at least it should be…

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  3. stoopnagle



  4. theotherdoug

    Which one of you posted that?

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  5. whit1356

    Senator, I’d like to speak for the overwhelming majority of your loyal and appreciative readers. Thank you very much for taking such delight in the misery of Floriduh football and keeping us informed of said misery on a regular basis. FTMF’S

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  6. One of the posters known as Mark

    Nah. They are a salty, delicious tear program.

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  7. cowetadawg

    The first step is acceptance, brother.

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  8. Holy Dawg shit fellow canine crusaders…they haven’t played a shitty game or racked up a loss yet. This is friggin awesome.

    Bring on the popcorn, The Hogtown Aholes are imploding and we love it.

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    • “Florida is the most dysfunctional collective in all of college football,” he said. “I plan on steering my clients away from them. From my standpoint, I never ever want to deal with them again. If it weren’t for the collective that’s completely dysfunctional at Florida, he probably would have been there.”

      So says the NIL lawyer

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  9. practicaldawg

    At least Muschamp could recruit decently there while staying under cover. It sure looks like Florida traded Mullen for a Mullen-level recruiter who runs a vanilla scheme on offense. Should end well.

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  10. Sweet D

    “I’m too young to remember before this,…”

    Sort of explains a lot about the posters on that site.

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  11. RangerRuss

    The gators historically have been a tough team to beat but ultimately beatable. The lack of respect they began to show their betters during SOS’ tenure was not commiserate with their true stature as a mid “tear” program with an exceptional HC and the arrogance displayed by Meyer, and mirrored by the their trashy fans, was simply not justified by on field performance. However, being delusional dickheads in dumbass defilade, perpetually high on a diet of Natty Lite with trailer park meth smoked from the perforated empty cans as a vitamin supplement they just couldn’t see it. As entitled scumbags they deserve to be beaten down until they know their place. Fuck their misery and
    Fuck those motherfuckers.

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  12. rigger92

    They will circle back in a month or so, I can’t wait for August to get here and read about Tebow visiting fall practice turning AR15 into a heisman lock.

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  13. 35 yr old gator fan: “Wait…football existed before 1990?!”

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  14. Opelikadawg

    It sounds like they may be nearing that seventh stage of grief.

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  15. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Well, it’s what I’ve been saying for years. If you look at the history of FU football, the ‘turds have 18 years of success (conference and national titles) under two coaches that more or less take place within two consecutive decades.

    They are NOT a blue blood program.

    They are NOT an elite football program.

    Two decades in 120 years of playing football does not erase 10 decades of mediocrity.

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    • 81Dog

      I believe this is what the Senator refers to as “regression to the mean.” Numbers dont lie. Math is hard for the ignorant. FTMF

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    • stoopnagle

      Yep. They don’t have the history. They’ve been really good since 1990, it’s true. But they’re barely top 20 in all time wins.

      When you have a losing record versus the two teams you’ve played more than anybody else… well, that ain’t good.

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      • Comin' Down The Track

        Here’s a fun statistic. UGA has 1 more win (54) over UF than UF does over Kentucky (53). #FTMF


  16. Russ

    Hahaha! I see they have finally accepted their reality.

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  17. Jeremiah Stevens

    Is anyone subscribed to that forum to give a flavor for the rest of that discussion? Leaving shadenfreude aside for a moment, I would be genuinely curious to hear FU fans’ thoughts on that topic. It connects to a larger discussion I’ve seen going on w.r.t. Arch Manning’s recruitment, Oregon’s future, our very own SOMP poll, etc., about what a “blue blood” program actually is, and what, if anything, such a status is worth, in practical terms.


  18. Terry McCullers

    Kirby to Napier/. My button is a lot bigger than yours! # FTMF