For the love of God, why?

Per a post at, we learn that Oregon is foisting another helmet design on an unsuspecting nation for the Ducks’ bowl game. It’s certainly inspired some brilliant prose:

The new helmet design has a unique paint job that changes color depending on the angle of the viewer and the lighting at the time and features silver flames below the paint fleck, much like a pimped-out El Camino.

I could be wrong, but some of the players seem less than impressed:

“A couple of people said it looked like tennis balls,” receiver James Finley said.

“Honestly, it’s hard to say,” fellow receiver Jordan Kent said. “I’m speechless as far as the color, I can’t quite describe it. It’s sort of a lightning yellow but then it fades to a kind of lime-greenish.

“I guess if a duck was yellow, that’s what I’d envision it to look like.”

“It’s lightning something,” linebacker Brent Haberly said, with some uncertainty. “I’m not sure. It’ll all come together when we put the uniforms on, supposedly.”

(Courtesy Wayne Eastburn of the Eugene Register-Guard)

Yeah, you tell yourself that, kid.

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