Auburn delenda est.

Four touchdowns in less than fifteen minutes against the nation’s eighth rated defense (fifth in scoring defense).

Dink, my man, instead of pitching some screwy plan to make Mark Richt the SEC’s first Six Million Dollar Man, you ought to be talking up your cronies about raises for Searels and Bobo.

Icing on the cake:  the Dawg defense held Auburn’s offense to 200 yards less than Georgia’s, on three more plays.   Guess that’ll quiet down the “Will Muschamp to Georgia” talk for a few days at least.

An ass kicking, plain and simple.  I loved every minute of it.



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3 responses to “Auburn delenda est.

  1. Ben

    An ass kicking indeed. I don’t even know where to go with it. By the end Danielson was making excuses for Auburn saying they haven’t had an off week, but the Dawgs just whipped them up and down the field. I’m wondering what THIS UGA team would do to Tennessee or Carolina. Heck, I wonder what THIS UGA team would do to LSU.


  2. dear senator,
    it sounds like you were there… were you? i watched every minute while trying to keep my kids from injuring each other. they love the dogs but none are over 5 and their attention spans lag.

    i printed up some ‘honk if you sacked tebow’ stickers after we stomped florida. lots of people liked ’em.

    i got inspired again and have some ‘back in black, 45-20’ stickers up on ebay.

    knowshon and t brown are a helluva one- two punch and the receivers are catching and stafford is on targe.



  3. motorcitymad

    Agree with Ben – the way this team plays NOW is like a few years ago when we killed Arkansas in the SECCG and took FSU in the Sugar Bowl. I felt then like that team could beat anybody, and I’m starting to feel the same way about this team. It makes the loss to South Carolina so much more difficult to take. Who wouldn’t like our changes against any of the 1-loss teams right now?