Yes, but were any flag boys involved?

This is amusing, albeit nerdy: the Cal Band’s halftime tribute to video games.

See how many you can name.



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3 responses to “Yes, but were any flag boys involved?

  1. Eric

    This is incredible! I love the thought of a bunch of college kids rocking out to the Pokemon theme song…wow…


  2. Brian

    Don’t forget about the UGA/MISS ST game last year. The Redcoats did something very similar at halftime. The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario themes if I remember correctly.


  3. Dahlete

    I’m sure someone in Berkeley took offense to such loose portrayal of fiction. I myself would call the perormance accurate at best.
    By the way, was this a ntional band competition and is there video of the Tech band’s performance. I heard their tribute to Dungeons and Dragons is one not to miss.
    Anyway, nanoo nanoo.