Getting a jump on 2008

Georgia hasn’t even played in its bowl game yet, but the AJ-C is priming the pump for next year with this article looking ahead to the Dawgs’ prospects in ’08.

The most interesting part of the article is the comments about two redshirts, Walter Hill and Justin Anderson, both of whom have been wowing their teammates while playing on the scout team.

You might want to check out the AJ-C piece on who the potential starters for Georgia may be next season, if only to see that the paper has already anointed incoming freshman A. J. Green as a starting WR.

And technically, this is a 2008 story, so I’ll mention it here.  Munson will call the Sugar Bowl.   I can’t wait to hear how he handles Polynesian names.



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5 responses to “Getting a jump on 2008

  1. Great job, AJC fact checkers! I was unaware Florida won the SEC East in 2004.


  2. Why let facts stand in the way of a good paragraph lede? 😉


  3. How can you possibly make that mistake? Florida’s very un-winning 2004 got Zook fired. It’d be like saying Georgia made the SECCG in 2000.

    Plus, Florida has only won one SEC East crown since Spurrier left…obviously in the year they won the National Championship. Which was last year. In which David Greene was decidedly not the quarterback at Georgia.

    Funny thing- if we count the 2003 East tiebreaker as making Florida third (third of three in the BCS standings, which was the tiebreaker), then the Gators have finished third in the SEC East in four of the last five years. Including this one, during most of which they were described as football gods among men.


  4. tom

    Do Coach Richt and the staff have to check with the most putrid newspaper in the country before they make out the opening-day lineup for 2008 or could they possibly be trusted to make a change or two?


  5. Dawg 05

    Guess the AJC doesn’t have a high opinion of Marcus Washington, that or they think he is going to jump to the NFL after half a season of starting. Do people who care about Georgia football write this stuff or do they bring in monkeys off the street?