Coming out party in Columbia?

The Athens-Banner Herald has an article on which of Georgia’s freshmen might see the field in ’08.  All the usual suspects are named, but this little blurb about A. J. Green caught my eye:

… Call said don’t be surprised if the game at South Carolina on Sept. 13 is a coming out party for Green. The Gamecocks continued to woo Green after his 2006 commitment to Georgia.

“I know we’re all fired up,” Call said. “We’re already talking about who all is going to that game.”

Wouldn’t that be a treat…



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4 responses to “Coming out party in Columbia?

  1. Tenn_Dawg

    AJ’s coming out party in Columbia would be a welcomed sight. It sounds as if he is working really hard to get bigger and stronger. The news of his weight being at 197lbs is good…….if it does not lose any speed with it.

    Have you seen any of the youtube video on Carlton Thomas? That kid is pretty good. Some people are saying he is a poor man’s Noel Devine. If he plays and contributes at that level the Dawgs offense could be special.


  2. TD, I posted about Thomas a few days ago. Richt said that the kid has some qualities about him similar to Warrick Dunn.

    Needless to say, if that’s the case, I’ll take it. 😉


  3. HVLDawg

    I would be thrilled to see Green have an All American year as a frosh and then win three H’s. But what I want to see in Columbia is not just a win- I want to see us crush and demoralize them, that means the running game. Nothing shames an SEC school more than giving up 600 yards rushing.

    I don’t just want a win, I want the ball coach to hang his head in shame.


  4. dean

    I have to agree with HVLDawg.
    It would be nice to see AJ have a coming out party against the chickens but I want to demoralize them. I would love to pound’em with Moreno and King until they cry uncle, UNCLE I say. Here’s to hoping.