I bet she throws like a girl.

Barack Obama visited the UT football facilities recently and had the chance to hang out with the coaches and players.  Among other things (there’s a video you can watch at the link), he threw the ball around with Horns quarterback Colt McCoy and WR Quan Cosby.

The best part, though:

Brown says the tour was not an endorsement of Obama’s campaign and said the same tour was offered to Hillary Clinton.

Hillary chucking the pigskin around.  I’d love to see that.


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3 responses to “I bet she throws like a girl.

  1. Ally

    I don’t know, did you see Obama’s Heisman stance? I’m guessing he was picked last…. a lot.

    And no invite to McCain?


  2. I think the tour was offered to Clinton and Obama because they were in Austin for last night’s Democratic debate, so that’s why McCain wasn’t there.


  3. Ally

    I know…it was a joke.