You got lucky.

Bullet dodged (potential pun intended): Sooners signee Josh Jarboe arrested on weapons charge.

Just think what we could be fretting about right now if Jarboe had signed with Georgia. Kinda puts that whole Dwayne Allen thing in perspective now, doesn’t it?

I await the official ruling as to whether the arrest counts here.


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3 responses to “You got lucky.

  1. Ally

    Wow, what a waste. If he’s expelled hopefully he’ll get his GED and try to get on w/ a Div II team.

    But, if that doesn’t suit him I’m sure Hawaii will be happy to take him.

    Then again, if he isn’t expelled I’d fully expect to see him on campus at Oklahoma – wouldn’t be a shock considering the way they do business.


  2. Definitely Fulmer Cup Worthy.

    for your perusal


  3. jacks – added your blog to my blogroll. Thanks for the link.