Mo’ money

The Athens Banner-Herald has the scoop about the raises handed out to Richt’s staff.  Everyone received a 7% bump.  Here’s the breakdown:

One slightly funky quote from Richt:   “I get a pool of money that I’m allowed to decide maybe how it gets dispersed,” Richt said. “I can only make a request on behalf of the staff. I’m at the mercy of what is given to us.”  Sounds to me as if he wishes Damon might have been a bit more generous with the size of the pot…


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8 responses to “Mo’ money

  1. dean

    I’m a little surprised at Garner’s total. I thought he would be the top paid assistant. I guess because he’s not a coordinator. But doesn’t he also carry the title of “Assistant Head Coach” though?


  2. Ally

    I agree a/b coach Garner. At the very least, I thought he would make more than Bobo considering his tenure and how desperately we want to keep his outstanding recruiting abilities. That alone should be reason enough to push him above Bobo imo.
    Speaking of tenure, why is Coach Jancek making less than brand spanking new and unproven coach Lilly? And is it fair that he gets a raise when he’s done absolutely nothing to deserve it yet?


  3. Personally, I think Garner ought to get a bonus because of this.


  4. kckd

    It looks about right to me. The guy who has gotten the least out of his unit the last few years is at the bottom.

    Coordinators are always higher paid than the rest of the staff and I’ll bet Garner is closer to them than most assistants are.

    If there is one man on this list who might have a right to complain for a few thousand more it’s Fab. He always has a DE playing at an all conference or all american level.


  5. HVLDawg

    My first reaction was that Garner’s was too low.

    If you have ever managed a group of employees you know there are some who get a lot of glory, and you don’t want to lose them, but they wouldn’t really be that hard to replace. CMR is close to all these coaches and knows who would be the hardest to replace.

    Which ones of those coaches would likely be picked off to be a head coach at Georgia Southern or UAB?


  6. JDawg

    Found an old ABH article with their raises and salaries from two years ago:

    Bobo got a big jump with his new responsibilities, and they have been very generous to Martinez.


  7. So they threw $300,000 into the assistant pool.

    That’s not too bad. One more bump next year of the same amount should level everyone out to what the market demands. Based on performance, however, we should already be above the average.


  8. & thanks much for the link