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UPDATE: Jason is positively giddy.

With his signing, the Buckeyes are automatically preseason conference favorites for the next three seasons. If he pans out in the least bit, you’re looking at two, maybe three more national championship appearances over the next four years.

Pretty modest expectations there. Good luck, kid – you’re gonna need it.


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8 responses to “Post header of the day

  1. Will

    I’d say the expectations are about right. After all, he didn’t say anything about winning the MNC.

    I keed!


  2. Ally

    Isn’t that what everyone was saying about Ryan Perrilloux??? As I recall, he was lofted to rock star status. We see how well that’s panned out for the tigers.

    And personally, I’d love to meet Ohino st. in the MNC game. They continue to prove they’re no match for an SEC team. Pryor alone isn’t going to change that.


  3. Richt-Flair

    Dual Threat QBs are good for about 6 sacks against Georgia’s D. Just ask Mr. Heisman.


  4. Will, we know our place. It will be a long time before you hear a Buckeye fan guarantee a MNC victory

    Oh and I wouldn’t consider the LSU loss as proving that OSU can’t hang with SEC teams. That Tiger team was loaded and healthy — the Buckeyes green and thought to be in a ” rebuilding” year (note the 20 starters back for 2008).

    I’ll give you guys the Florida debacle two years ago, but there was no shame in the LSU loss.


  5. Ally

    You still lost to two different SEC teams. That was the point.

    Of course there is no shame – you got to the game. We certainly didn’t.

    But, you have to admit y’all looked slow & awful and consequently have become a joke concerning “competing” against an SEC team for the MNC. Pryor alone won’t lead you to the Promised Land.


  6. Ally, we’ll see. The wonderful thing about sports is that there’s always a next year (excluding Falcons and Browns fans, of course).


  7. Tenn_Dawg

    It is not just the MNC games but the over all record against the SEC in bowl games. I think it is 0-9. Getting Pryor to Columbus was huge for the Buckeyes. He should be fun to watch.


  8. Ally

    “The wonderful thing about sports is that there’s always a next year (excluding Falcons and Browns fans, of course).”

    Amen to that! Good luck to y’all next year. Beat Michigan.