Conference of quarterbacks?

Take a look at this post over at RazorBloggers Network about the crop of SEC quarterbacks expected to start in 2008.

If Walking on Sunshine is right when he posts that “(h)istory has typically shown that your final record in the SEC is directly proportional to the level of experience you have at the quarterback position…” (and I think he is), it’s got the potential be a long year for every school outside of Georgia and Florida. That is not a particularly inspiring bunch, although it’s likely somebody will surprise.

I did like the homer touch, though – Casey Dick vaults to the rank of the #4 QB in the conference based on a good spring game, while Jevan Snead, who also had a stellar spring game, is relegated to #7 due to his unfortunate association with the Nuttster. It’s gonna be a fun year in the West, methinks.


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  1. In reference to the Jevon Snead annalysis, I think it’s probably fair to say by now that any QB associated with the Nuttster is going to take a dive sooner or later. Sad, but true, the kid will never live up to his potential. Remember this comment 3 years from now.