George Haffner was a visionary.

This sarcasm laced post did make me wonder about something:  what did offensive coordinators do exactly in the era before it became important to get “the ball in the hands of your playmakers”?  Let the offensive guards run the ball?

Give this man the ball - what a radical idea.


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4 responses to “George Haffner was a visionary.

  1. peacedog

    Fumblerooskie 50 times a game (and end around to an offense end or punt the rest of the time).


  2. Kit

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  3. Kevin Haffner

    Just win 8 out of 10 games at Florida. We have won 3 of 17 since. Also, produce one of the best offenses in the land with a stout offensive line and great tight ends. The rushing attack for Georgia intimidated opponents in the 80’s. It also controlled the football game, which is exactly what his boss Vince Dooley wisely wanted and received from his loyal coordinator. Multiple running backs (tailbacks and fullbacks) filled those 2 positions year after year, not just Hershel. They all went on to pro careers. No offense can touch the offenses my father produced in the 1980’s. I am biased obviously, but look at the record and stats during the 1980’s. It was a different era in the 1980’s, with none of today’s spread offenses. For the time period and his era, his offensive teams were formidable, stout, and always ranked nationally. Look at the record my friend. Kevin Haffner – proud UGA Alumnus 1991


  4. chuck haffner

    George Haffner was absolutely a great offensive coach!