It’s another know thy opponent post.

The Quad takes a look at #12 Auburn.  It’s well done – probably because I agree with much of what’s written, starting with this “on the one hand, on the other” overview:

In the eyes of the Countdown, this fall presents Auburn with its best chance at a national title since 2004, when the Tigers were left out of the national title picture by those always fickle B.C.S. computers. However, a few impediments stand in their way, all related. First, a pair of new coordinators; second, and in the same vein, wholesale changes on the offensive side of the ball; and third, no matter who gets the starting nod, a new, untested quarterback. While we’re making lists, two reasons why the Tigers could be able to overcome these question marks: One, Tommy Tuberville, one of the best coaches in the business; and two, it’s not as if the Auburn coaching staff has historically been the model of consistency under Tuberville – this will mark the third defensive coordinator since 2005. At 42-9 since 2004 (the fifth-best mark in the F.B.S.), Auburn has been as good as any program in the country…

And I give ’em bonus points for this perspective on Auburn’s 2004 season.

… Hindsight is 20/20, etc.; however, the real reason for Auburn being left out in the cold was its preseason ranking, which, at No. 17, gave it too much ground to make up with voters.

The Quad sees a likely 10-2 finish, which I think would put the Tigers in the top ten at season’s end.


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7 responses to “It’s another know thy opponent post.

  1. Joe

    I am constantly shocked at the predictions for Auburn’s 2008 season. I see a team without a RB who would be in the 3-deep at UGA, a bunch or WR’s who have done nothing and a QB with no experience.

    I also see a team with very little DL depth and a bunch of unproven 2* CB’s.

    They look like an 8-4 team to me.


  2. peacedog

    Mmmm, Lester and Tate are pretty good RBs, and the OL should be really good. It’s hard to say how much a new offensive scheme changes that.


  3. pd, that’s true as far as it goes, but I’d say that when a team converts to a pass first scheme with a new QB (or QBs, depending on who’s talking) and a receiving corps that hasn’t exactly distinguished itself, there are some legitimate questions about how well it’ll do.


  4. @ Mississippi State
    @ Vanderbilt
    @ West Virginia
    @ Ole Miss
    @ Alabama

    Those are Auburn’s road games. The thinking here is this (and I’m one who thinks the Tiggers will win the West): Easy conference slate on the road with a potential marquee OOC win in the mix. Bama might not be “easy,” per se, but they’re so hog-tied by Auburn that it might take a Celebration(TM) to get them out the funk. LSU, Tennessee, and Georgia all have to come to Jurrrdan-Hare. Auburn has questions, yeah, but the schedule opens up for them sorta a la 2005 Georgia.


  5. Greg

    Miss State and Ole Miss are improving. They are far from the gimme’s that they’ve been in recent years past. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Auburn stuggle to win both of those.


  6. montgomeryaldawg

    I agree with Joe about being “shocked” at the respect shown Auburn thus far. Greg, I do not see them winning both of those games. They do have personel/scheme question marks as well as the huge identity/new scheme learning curve. I’ve said before, Ga’s linebackers struggled with big o-lines with large rb’s running straight at them (see Tenn & SC last year). Losing big Marcus Washington didn’t help this. We scheme and match up well with Fla’s spread and Aub running a speed/spread game, with their smaller rb’s will be laughable at times and is worth 4 losses. LSU though…loaded…they can do so much…unless they prove one-dimensional bc of ineptituce at QB, they are concerning. Tenn, will challenge us. Auburn…I do not understand all this respect…and I like Tubby…I just ain’t swallin’ it.


  7. Hobnail_Boot

    Their OL has been completely decimated this fall by injuries. I’d call them 9-3 right now, with their toughest games coming vs. WVU, UGA, and Bama.