Dear Dave Clawson,

About that whole bit about SEC defenses being “… probably schematically as basic and simple as I’ve seen in eight years…”?

Perhaps you should take a look in the mirror, sir.





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4 responses to “Dear Dave Clawson,

  1. Joe

    I dont think that he is saying anything earth-shattering. Martinez is often maligned by the UGA fanbase for running a simple defense.

    I would also add that Monty Kiffin is often regarded as the best defensive coordinator in the NFL. Having great athletes who played disciplined principles and tackle well is a pretty good way to play winning defense. Not much else to it.


  2. Hmmm….

    I’m not going to criticize the observation, because you have a point. Still, I am not convinced that the Vols’ woes are tied to Clawson as much as they are to … well … we’ll just say “other issues.”

    Nice game by the Dawgs. Congrats on the win. Now don’t screw up and lose to Florida, because that would really tick me off.


  3. RedCrake

    How about the Dawgs beat Florida and ya’ll get it together and beat Bama.

    We’ll call it even.


  4. kckd

    1. When you are getting your ass kicked constantly, the last thing you need to do is talk about how the teams that are doing it, are doing so with a simple scheme.

    2. I’m sure if our coaches needed any extra motivation to find some flaw in what they were doing, reading this article did it.

    3. Considering the comments our players made, something you rarely hear after a game by players, I’m sure the coaches and players were well aware of the article and his comments before the game.