A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

If anyone bothers to compile a list of the ten most boring games of the season, the Vandy-MSU game will merit some serious consideration.

118 offensive plays generated a total of 354 yards.  That’s an average of three yards per play.  Factor in another 120 yards in penalties, and you’ve got some real fireworks.

As an aside, I would be remiss in neglecting to point out that this one probably deserves a place on that list too, if only because there were actually more punts in that game than in the one in Starkeville.


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2 responses to “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

  1. watcher16

    I think my vote for #1 goes to the 3-2 game between Auburn and Miss. State


  2. watcher16

    (that game even had 1 more punt then the GnaT game yesterday)