Kiffin watch: there must be a reason.

Junior is still trying to defend himself on the “gas pumping” he-said, he-said debacle.

… Jeffery and Calhoun County (S.C.) High School coach Walter Wilson told that during his recruiting pitch, Kiffin told Jeffery he would end up pumping gas for the rest of his life like all the other players in the state of South Carolina if he signed with the Gamecocks.

“Who knows where it came from,” Kiffin said Tuesday on “ESPN First Take.” “But there’s no reason for us to negatively recruit.”

There has to be a reason to act like a cocky SOB?  That hasn’t stopped the Laner before.


UPDATE: You can watch the video here, if you want.


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4 responses to “Kiffin watch: there must be a reason.

  1. “But there’s no reason for us to negatively recruit.”

    None at all….except that 1) you’re in a state that produces no instate talent, 2) the bordering states that you’ve relied on for 20 years have all been successful in closing off the borders to you, 3) you hired a staff of used car salesmen instead of football coaches, and 4) UT has been recruiting negatively since way before you got there and will be doing it after you’re gone in 9 months. Other than that, no reason at all.


  2. SCDawg

    “Who knows where it came from and how accurate it is.”

    I think you know, Lane. I think that was a nice slip up.


  3. Joe

    Man, I heard that poor kid on Atlanta Sports Talk this morning…he is in so over his head, it is just sad. I love his revisionist history that this is all some sort of grand plan. This has an Emperor has no clothes feel to it.

    I am almost starting to feel bad for the many, many good Ufk fans out there who have been totally duped, and who are going to have endure ass-whipping after ass-whipping for the next couple of falls.

    I am just not sure that Laney has comprehended that coaching is much more important than recruiting. Ufk has had lots of good players. UGA, UF, Bama, LSU, Scu, Arkansas, hell, even Vandy are going to continue to load up on NFL talent.
    Of course, there are going to be Eric Berry’s and Champ Baileys that come along, but for the most part all SEC teams are fairly equal, 1-85. Laney seems to think he can recruit his way out of this mess, but he is simply wrong.

    It is going to get a lot worse for Ufk before it gets better.


  4. RedCrake

    And that wasn’t even the most outrageous thing said on ESPN today.

    Michael Wilbon – Pardon the Interruption…in reference to the GPOOE (Speech being hung up at Ben Hill Jackass Stadium):

    “These colleges act like these kids are Gods.”

    and later

    “The colleges “God” them up.”

    Is it just me or has Wilbon completely missed Sportscenter and Gameday for the last 3 years?