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Kiffin watch: reinventing the template

Shorter Monte Kiffin:  if my son is behaving like a dick, blame Pete Carroll, not me.


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Sunday morning buffet

Pull up a chair and indulge yourself.

  • Michael Oher’s hired Jimmy Sexton as his agent.  I guess Oher figures if the NFL doesn’t work out, he can get an SEC coaching gig as a fallback.
  • “Does anybody really believe ol’ Bobby knew some of his players were cheating in an online music course? Heck, Bobby doesn’t know what his players are doing on the field half the time, let alone in the classroom.” And that’s from a piece in support of Saint Bobby.
  • We all knew the ACC was a basketball conference.  I thought the whole expansion deal was meant to turn it into a football conference, so I’m sure Steve Hummer is working on the complimentary article.
  • If it’s Tuesday, this must be Natchez. Seventeen cities in five days states for new coach Dan Mullen.  Who knew there were that many MSU fans scattered across the southeast?


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