“There are some comparable jobs, but none any better.”

Chris Low has a very nice spring practice wrap up piece about Coach Richt.  In this day and age of musical coaching chairs in college football, it’s somewhat amazing to let this sink in:

… It’s still hard to believe that he’s the longest-tenured coach in the SEC at his current school. Steve Spurrier has coached in the league for 16 years, but that’s split between Florida and South Carolina.

Richt, 49, is entering his ninth season at Georgia. The next closest is Johnson, who’s entering his eighth season at Vanderbilt. Rich Brooks has been at Kentucky for six years, and nobody else in the league has more than four years at his current school.

Spurrier told me last year that he thought the days of a coach making it 15-plus years at one school in the SEC were pretty much over…


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5 responses to ““There are some comparable jobs, but none any better.”

  1. MacAttack

    Time to do what most stud coaches in the SEC have already done

    Win a National Title


    • Wolfman

      Still no coach I’d rather have on my sideline.


      • MacAttack

        I agree. I don’t mean that as in ‘Win one or else’ but it is time we take the next step and win a NC

        True, we have had bad luck (such as our 2002 season and LSU’s 2003) but we had our chances last year to beat UF and get into the NCG if we won out AND if we beat UF in 2002….

        I mean, we can get there if we do our jobs


    • SLH

      agree. we’ve had two years where, with some breaks, we could have played for it. Just hasn’t happened yet but it will.


  2. ugafish22

    great article, we are lucky to have him, winning a MNC would make him a legend in Athens and GA for the rest of his life.