Kiffin watch: pumpin’ out another secondary violation

The latest from Junior is three shades of awesome, is what it is:

The University of Tennessee self-reported another secondary recruiting violation to the NCAA.

The incident involved head football coach Lane Kiffin calling former UT recruit Alshon Jeffery after National Signing Day. Coaches are not allowed to recruit athletes who have signed with other schools after National Signing Day.

UT head football coach Lane Kiffin made the call on March 10 after reported that Kiffin told Jeffery that the recruit would spend the rest of his life pumping gas if he decided to sign with South Carolina. Kiffin denied ever making those comments. According to UT’s Sports Information Department, Kiffin called Jeffery to determine the origin of the reports.

I swear to God, you couldn’t make this shit up if you tried.

There’s even a punch line.

A Tennessee athletic department official said that Jeffery confirmed Kiffin did not make the “gas pumping” comment regarding the recruit.


UPDATE: Since I’m accused of being worthless in the comments to this post, let me just throw this in for your viewing pleasure.



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12 responses to “Kiffin watch: pumpin’ out another secondary violation

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  2. Cleared his name. To me, that’s worth a secondary violation, but it’s funny that you guys won’t ever admit to slandering him.

    Congratulations. You’re worthless.


    • Ben

      Cleared his name? Worth a secondary violation?

      The only reason he HAD to clear his name is because people didn’t really doubt he had the capacity to say something so ridiculous. In my mind the fact that he had to go so far as to clear his name is evidence that he’s got some problems already. In a way it’s like saying, “Oh, yeah, I did that other thing, but there’s no way I would have done this thing.”

      Also, I’m no lawyer, but I think what you meant was “libel”, not “slander.”

      Get your junk together before coming over here.


    • Seriously, Ghost, WTF?

      Skip past the fact that all we’ve got on “clearing his name” is his own self-serving version of a conversation – and this coming from a guy who’s got a track record from the Richardson saga of being not completely straight about things. But, like I said, forget about that. Do you not realize how trivial this whole thing was at the start?

      It’s not like the kid accused Junior of offering money or a vehicle to attend UT. Nobody offered his mom a job. No grades were fixed. This whole brouhaha is over a throw away comment that got under the Laner’s skin. Instead of having the maturity to ignore it or to joke about it, he elected to make a bigger deal out of it. And instead of having the sense to complain to the kid’s coach about it (which wouldn’t have been a secondary violation), he confronts the kid.

      And then publicly admits he did it! You do realize that the only reason UT had to report this in the first place was because Junior went out and told the press about it, right? All told, that’s pretty much your textbook example of mountain-making from molehills.

      Perhaps I’m missing something here, but at best, in my mind Kiffin comes off as little more than a thin-skinned, petty moron. If that’s worth a secondary violation, then congratulations back at ‘ya. I happen to think that there are much smarter battles to fight than getting into a pissing match with a seventeen year old, but what do I know? I’m worthless. 😉


  3. Doc

    What no homo-erotic shirt ripping stunt. UT fans are in denial and other have that sliver of doubt in the back of their mind that he is going to be a bust.


  4. Doc

    But I must still admit his wife is smokin.


  5. NebraskaDawg

    Boy those Tennessee has have drank the Kool-Aid early & often haven’t they.


  6. Wolfman

    The Lane Kiffin Show is my new favorite show. That is fantastic. Thanks for posting that, Senator.


  7. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Lane (GWOL) – 17 April 2009:

    National Threat Level signal is in the pastel color of Orange.

    For those personnel charged with protecting Lane:

    DEFCON 1 exists and they should remain in a state of maximum readiness because of the imminent and ongoing attacks that Lane has within himself.

    For all others:

    Remain standing down – DEFCON 5 exists for normal peacetime readiness until Lane breaks out and attacks himself again endangering others.

    DEFCON 1 shall exist for all concerned at the Spring Meetings in Destin and SEC Media Days in B’ham. Full battle gear will be required for each of those little get-togethers.


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