They’re havin’ a party.

Well, as Doc Saturday notes, it’s BCS get-together week.  Here are a few stories from it, or related to the BCS/playoffs debate:

  • The Mountain West’s playoff proposal got a whole hour-and-a-half’s worth of attention before being consigned to proposal hell – “… referred to conferences, athletic directors, faculty athletic representatives and university presidents for discussion until the BCS meets at the Collegiate Commissioners Association meetings June 15-19 in Colorado Springs.”
  • Even the Mountain West’s commissioner thinks the antitrust threats against the BCS are worthless.
  • Regardless, Rep. Barton has a vision for the football postseason “… but if they let 65 teams compete for the basketball championship, you could certainly let 8 teams or 16 teams, using the existing bowl structure, compete for the championship in football.” Yummy!

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  1. MacAttack

    8-team playoff is the answer but the the MW proposal is a joke