B. F. Skinner comes to Gainesville.

Shorter Jeremy Foley:  Urban Meyer is the Greatest Behaviorist of Our Era.

These guys really should just shut the hell up sometimes.


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7 responses to “B. F. Skinner comes to Gainesville.

  1. Munson's Call

    WTF with the arrests by recruiting class stat? That doesn’t mean much. Of course there are going to be more arrests from the 2005 class than than the 2009 class. They have been enrolled as UF students longer and most of the 2009 class have not even stepped on campus yet.

    Nice BS statistical trend there Corch.


  2. aristoggle

    B. F. Skinner … this is the most erudite blog of them all!


  3. hugh

    Your obsession with Florida delights me.


  4. dean

    Since Urban Meyers didn’t recruit them or they were in his first class that somehow abolishes the crimes they committed. What a truck load of BS. Something’s wrong when Da U is the poster university for good behavior in the state.

    What was really surprising is there’s no mention of Saint Timmy in that article. I was really expecting to see something about his faith or circumcisions or saving orphans from a burning building or……….


  5. Dog in Fla

    It’s still Zook’s fault. Urban’s only been there for four seasons.

    Just like a gator to take credit for inventing football in 1990 and for Tim but not for felony charges.

    Thanks to the University of Washington softball and the Southern Miss hardball teams, UF AD now can focus full attention on felony charges and dreaming up reasons to tell us why they weren’t.